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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

It’s hard to resist starting this letter with anything but “Welcome spring!” After a winter’s hibernation, we rejoice to be more active outdoors. April represents my own feelings of optimism, rebirth and growth. It’s a perfect month to celebrate Earth Day and our special Green Living issue is focused on nourishing our community and our planet.

A year ago, our publishing family first enjoyed representing Natural Awakenings at the Earth Day Indiana festival. Our eyes opened wide at how many individual innovators and established businesses are working to forward green initiatives in our local area. The event attracted a diverse group of citizens, including many children, all learning about sustainability and how to keep our Earth healthy for coming generations.

This year we are thrilled to report that Indianapolis is seeing a growth spurt in local organizations, businesses and individuals playing pivotal roles in advancing citizens’ commitment to a greener lifestyle. We highlight several of these in this month’s issue and thank all that are pointing our hometown in the right direction and accelerating its trajectory.

SustainIndy supports and rewards initiatives that continue to lead the way for other Midwestern cities. The Indianapolis Sustainability Awards, designed to inspire innovation, showcase impact, reward leadership and promote sustainability education, will be awarded later this month. Seekers of greener ways of living will find growing networks of bikeways and greenways, electric vehicle plug-in stations and urban gardens as well as a mounting number of eco-friendly businesses and LEED certified buildings around town.

In our own family’s effort to grow greener, we recognize that it’s a step-by- step process and one adults and kids can share with each other through personal example. We are continuously looking to do things well beyond the more standard feel-good-about-our-efforts protocols of recycling and carrying reuseable shopping bags. Currently we are upping our efforts to buy locally sourced and organic foods, frequent shops and services dedicated to ecofriendly practices and participate in events that help us spread the word about naturally healthy living and sustainability.

We strive to “walk our talk” at Natural Awakenings Indy as we know you do. We’re happy to be part of a nationwide family of 90 magazines leading our industry with a “best practice” of printing on 100 percent recycled, uncoated, non-glossy, paper and using only nontoxic soy-based ink. As one of our sister publishers says in her letter, “From cover to cover, Natural Awakenings strives to honestly represent its mission as a true healthy living magazine aligned with sustainable principles. Because healthy living is green and green living is healthy, we have infinite opportunities to keep growing together.”

To healthy growth for all,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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