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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

It’s been a year since our family assumed the honor of publishing Natural Awakenings of Indy, and I wrote my first Letter from the Publisher. Wow, what an amazing adventure is has been and continues to be!

I would like to be able to say that it all started with a resounding “yes” to the opportunity. Candidly, it started with a seemingly justified “no.” Practical arguments weighed in: This was not something we were looking for. We already had a full life. Others would be better suited to the challenge. But through the power of patient intention and quiet listening to intuition, the initial hesitation turned into a confident “Yes.”

The larger journey leading up to that yes began several years ago with a quest for a way to achieve and maintain personal health through more holistic approaches. That’s when my co-publisher, Kim, and I were initially introduced to Natural Awakenings in another city and became immediate fans of the magazine. When the opportunity to purchase the Indy franchise surfaced, our curiosity, which had been quietly humming along, kicked into higher gear.

So Linda Sechrist’s May feature article, “Trust Your Intuition,” naturally resonated with us. Katie Teague’s query, “What are you not saying yes to?” captures in concrete terms what was quietly transpiring behind our decision-making process.

We kept hearing the whisperings of our sixth sense and found that heeding that innate voice of inner intelligence allowed us to broaden our minds and expand our response to life. Once we had quieted our chattering thoughts (yoga anyone?) and awakened to our intuition, Natural Awakenings Indy became part of our lives. The whole trajectory of our lives changed and opened a path for providing helpful ideas to change others’ lives for the better, as well.

Our personal leap of faith has led us to travel all over the city, participate in great events and meet people that are passionate about all kinds of positive changes. We have been welcomed with open hearts and minds by readers, contributors, business owners and the national publishing family of which we are a part.

We are proud to be part of the Indianapolis landscape, and to see firsthand the forward momentum the city is experiencing in the growth of healthy and sustainable ways of living. One expression of this is revealed in Lanette Erby’s local feature article, “Indy Recognized Nationally as Bike Accessibility Booms.” We encourage everyone to participate in Bike to Work Day on May 16!

Our Women’s Wellness issue and the celebration of Mother’s Day this month offers us all a special opportunity to recognize the many wonderful women that have mothered, mentored and contributed goodness in our own lives and to those of so many others.

Thanks for joining us on this amazing ride. We’re glad you too are saying “Yes!”


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