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Letter From Publisher

To serve. These two words keep crossing my path—in articles, news reports and conversations around town. They have served me well in my approach to recent encounters with both people and projects.

Recently I heard Colts Coach Chuck Pagano deliver an address at a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society in honor of Tom Wood. He spoke from the heart of his discovery, treatment and victory over a cancer affecting white blood cells. He credits much of his recovery to a timely medical checkup and tremendous support from his family and medical staff, the entire Colts organization and the larger community.

Pagano noted that some of the maxims the team lives by have new meaning for him. “We can; we will; we must,” his approach to victory in each game has also applied to his battle with cancer. “We are here to serve, to give” reflects the wisdom of looking to help others first, before ourselves. Wins come, he believes, through a team approach to sports and to life.

Coach Pagano’s story underscores the importance of sharing our own stories of challenges and victories, which can inspire others facing adversity by helping them embrace the vision of victory. He’s a living example of this issue’s themes of Inspired Living and Men’s Wellness and Judith Fertig’s feature article, “The Healing Power of Story.”

In June’s Wise Words department, self-help guru and prolific author Wayne Dyer also shares some lessons he’s learned along the way, hoping that his experiences can help others navigate their own life experiences. In “From ‘Why Me?’ to ‘Thank You!,’” Dyer tells of how possibilities expand when you forget about yourself and instead focus on others. Consider asking yourself, “How may I serve or what may I do for you?” More miracles may tend to show up in your life.

I’ve seen these words in action. One person’s act of service also can inspire and encourage others to do the same and even help them become a better person. I find when I take myself out of the central focus of a situation or conversation and instead attend to another’s point of view, good things have a much better chance of happening, and I’m fine with that equation.

Regardless of what notions I had coming into the role of the publisher of Natural Awakenings Indy, I quickly realized and embraced that the real beauty in what I do is my ability to serve the magazine’s readers, community and advertisers as well as the larger mission of reaching healthy people on a healthy planet. The whole adventure has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined and miracles continue to show up every step of the way.

Wishing you many miracles this and every month,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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