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Letter From Publisher

Aug 04, 2014 09:35PM ● By Teona Wright

August brings a close to the more unstructured days of summer for most of us as we re-enter the more formal, actionpacked routines of the school year. We can feel the change in the air, whether or not we have children at home.

It’s a good time to shine a light on progress in children’s education and health—and explore a whole child approach that benefits everyone in the family. Lanette Erby’s local feature article, “Innovative Whole Child Opportunities in Indianapolis,” shares an overview of programs that contribute to the growth of the body, mind and soul of our little ones.

When it comes to learning—and growth in general—kids are on a significantly different trajectory than adults. In addition to their visible physical growth, their developing minds and the wonderment of children’s open thought never ceases to amaze. Everything is new, most everything is exciting and opportunities to learn and grow abound every day.

Parents and caregivers naturally tend to nurture children in ways aimed to support their growth, with activities focused on teaching, playtime and sports participation, naps and bedtime stories, healthy foods, and music lessons… the list goes on. Yet, too often adults leave off nurturing our own continued development in appropriate ways as we enter adulthood, thinking we pretty much have the basics under our belt and formal schooling is behind us.

We begin to choose more of what and how we learn and the more traditional adult learning modes of reading, writing, job skills, networking and travel kick into high gear. Life events and the layering on of personal interests and relationships also influence our continued gathering of knowledge over time. Consider the definition of wonder—“to think or speculate curiously”—as one that can take us from the arc of childhood through our adult years. By tailoring our choices and learning opportunities we enhance our uniqueness.

This month, I encourage you to find new ways to support the children in your life, while at the same time seriously considering what you are doing to nurture yourself. When we embrace the child within, we open ourselves each day to experience the inherent joys of childhood pursuits and lifelong growth opportunities.

Wishing you wonderment,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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