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Letter from Publisher

Raina Fay, Teona Wright, Omar Freyre and Kim Miller at the Indy Holistic Hub Website Launch Party, held last month at The Playful Soul

This issue is especially close to my heart, as I have a passion and appreciation for both of this month’s themes of Conscious Caregiving and Yoga.

Imagine my consternation when both my role as a primary caregiver in our family and my practice of yoga were abruptly upended last month as the result of a kitchen mishap. A deep cut on my dominant left hand necessitated surgery that proved to be fairly complex and will require a substantial recovery period.

Normally, I take great joy in the caregiving gene in my DNA and believe the “gift is to the giver” whenever we reach out to support, encourage and ease another’s life. It wasn’t easy to admit that I now needed help with routine daily tasks like dressing, writing, cooking and driving. How blessed I am to have access to caregivers ready to help. The constancy of family members and sincere offers of support and encouraging messages from neighbors and friends have all made an appreciable difference every step of the way.

Though it’s obviously been a challenge, it’s also been a surprisingly expansive learning and growing experience. Letting go to allow others to step in, having to find efficiencies in my activities and coming to fresh appreciation for all kinds of caregivers has been eye-opening, humbling and rewarding. I’m now daily demonstrating the truth of the adage that necessity is the mother of invention, even becoming remarkably proficient with my right hand.

Since yoga is one of my favorite forms of self-care, I resisted giving it up even temporarily. Thanks to caring instructors, I’ve been able to adopt new positions and adapted routines that are allowing me to continue my practice during this time. Its aspects of relaxation, meditation and healing continue to give me a sense of balance, strength and calm energy. I recognize this life hurdle is a blip that will pass.

At some point we all are likely both to need care and be called upon to be a caregiver. When we are called upon to care for someone with life-altering injuries, aging or disease, it is demanding on many levels and can take a significant toll on us. The key is finding ways to achieve balance in both providing needed support for loved ones and making space for the essential self-care needed to keep our own engines humming.

Both Deborah Shouse’s feature article, “Conscious Caregiving: Nurture Yourself While Helping Another,” and Elaine Voci’s local article, “Nurturing the Nurturer,” offer practical ideas for how to wisely and more calmly make the most of being a care partner.

Thanks go out to all caregivers everywhere, with a personal note of appreciation for mine. To all that need care, I encourage you to accept it with open arms. For what purpose are we ultimately here but to love and help one another?

In gratitude,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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