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Letter from Publisher

Oct 04, 2014 05:24PM ● By Teona Wright

In synch with this month’s theme of Sustainable Communities, recently I’ve been experiencing a heightened awareness of green living initiatives and applications of sustainability principles unfolding before my eyes. I am both inspired by what is taking place and sobered by what isn’t.

We are encouraged with the progress toward greater resiliency that our city is taking and proud of the steps our own families are taking in our quest for greener living. We all likely know we have a long way to go. Thus, this issue is filled with inspiring events, helpful information and opportunities for us to positively influence and support the greening of our world, starting with our home, business and community.

In our family, Lao Tzu’s quote hangs on the wall and the Reduce, Re-use & Recycle principle applies every chance we get—from reusing and recycling bottles and cans to buying less new stuff to sorting clothing and household items that can be repurposed, consigned or donated. Green landscaping and cleaning services, a family garden and local sourcing are helping us to realize a more sustainable lifestyle. Such steps are not only doable, they can be a fun, interesting and motivating example for friends, neighbors and colleagues.

We see examples of sustainability models popping up all around us. Travelling along I-65 on a recent trip, we were inspired by the awesome corps of wind turbines grown up in farm fields just 90 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Such clean energy represents a significant step to safely meet our country’s energy and environmental needs.

When I look around Indianapolis, I’m heartened by the many individual, business and civic initiatives seriously marking their own green journey. LEEDcertified buildings, recycling stations, bike paths, urban gardens and electric vehicle charging stations are on a growth trajectory here.

SustainIndy and Keeping Indianapolis Beautiful are among the organizations working toward a cleaner, greener future with programs, information and resources that are engaging residents in this movement. Of course, there remain tremendous opportunities for more initiatives, more involvement and more focus on green living on the path to healthy sustainability. We hope others see and embrace this path, as well.

Throughout this edition, we look at many ways each of us can make a difference in creating a sustainable home community, including outstanding green businesses and local initiatives now underway. We applaud all of these efforts, and welcome others to share their green actions with us!

Healthy living is green living,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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