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Indy Small Business is Going Green

Oct 04, 2014 06:00PM ● By Lanette Er

More and more businesses in the Greater Indianapolis Area are doing their part to support the sustainable health of our planet. “Going green” is a term that covers a broad range of considerations—it’s sometimes hard to determine what makes a green company “green.” Simply, it means being Earth- or eco-friendly, making a product or service that positively impacts the environment or has as minimal a negative impact as possible.

There are several types of popular green companies to be on the lookout for around the city including green construction, energy, transportation, restaurants and retail shops. Show support for our green community by finding and frequenting businesses that are doing their part to go green. Here’s a brief description of some of the many green companies in our area:

Classic Cleaners utilizes a revolutionary, closed-looped process with a biodegradable and dermatologically safe solvent that is more eco-friendly than the previous industry standards. One part of the closed system is a distiller in which solvent impurities are removed after every load so that the solvent can be reused multiple times. This new process is safer for employees and reduces 90 percent of the waste previously created by older systems. (Classic Cleaners,

Endangered Species Chocolate’s milk and dark chocolate are made with ethically traded, shade-grown cacao and natural ingredients. In addition, 10 percent of profits from every bar sold is donated to support species conservation, habitat preservation and other humanitarian efforts. (Endangered Species Chocolate,,,

Green B.EA.N. Delivery provides home delivery of organic produce and natural groceries from local farmers, artisans and other sustainable food companies. Its easy-to-use online store allows customers to customize their bins each week, as well as includes separate pages for those with specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free and vegetarian diets. (Green B.E.A.N. Delivery,

Greencycle’s mission is to keep waste out of Indiana’s landfills and to provide homeowners with quality landscaping products. Greencycle manufactures and produces all of its own organic mulches, composts and soil blends from recycled yard, wood and food waste. (Greencycle,

The Greenscape Gals, soon to become the Greenscape Geeks, focuses on native plant landscaping, food garden consulting, raised bed and composter construction and nonchemical lawn maintenance. For spring and fall cleanups, the Geeks also recommend a cypress looka- like mulch made from recycled pallets and produced by another of Indianapolis’ green businesses. (Greenscape Gals, 317-801-5833, [email protected],

Simply Chic is a modern resale shop with a focus on upscale casual clothing and accessories for women. At each of their three locations on the north side, they buy and sell next to new and gently used brandname goods—a great way to recycle and revise your wardrobe. (Simply Chic,

Slow Food Indy recently announced the recipients of the Snail of Approval award, recognizing establishments focused on the best of local, farm-to-table food through their commitment to sustainable sourcing, fair business practices and nourishing, delicious food. Celebrate Go Slow Week and the local food culture by dining out at a Snail of Approved-restaurant from October 6 through 12. (Slow Food Indy and Snail of Approval,

Soulful Home helps clients achieve a more idyllic home with rescued and rehabilitated pieces infused with soul and offering modern, lighthearted improvements to one-of-a-kind chairs, tables, decorative arts and more. (Soulful Home, a division of Heal Thyself & Co., 6220 Broadway St., Indianapolis. 317-253-8361,

Squeaky Green is a 100 percent ecofriendly cleaning and organizing service that utilizes handmade products made from certified-organic Castile Soap, a true soap and not a chemical detergent, so it is completely bio-degradable and Earth-friendly. They also use lavender and other essential oils as disinfectants, clove as a natural antiseptic, and tea tree oil as a natural fungicide. (Squeaky Green, 317-840-7757, [email protected],

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