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The Essence of Thermography

Thermography is a noun and pronounced ther-mog-ruh-fee. It describes thermal imaging of body parts looking for dysfunction, disorder, and inflammation related to diseases. Medical thermography, approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration in 1982, is a noninvasive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to quantify changes in skin surface temperature. With the latest technology, each image is over 80,000 temperature readings within 1/100th of a degree. The images are read by medical doctors and radiologists certified in thermology, a key factor in encouraging your own healthcare provider to trust the information defined in the report.

Approximately two-to-three days after imaging, the report comes back and the findings are thoroughly explained to the patient, then the report and images are mailed to them. On what all of this information tells the patient, Abby Appelt, a Certified Clinical Thermographer and Certified Natural Health Practitioner and owner of Thermography of Indianapolis, says, “It depends; both temperatures too warm and too cool indicate different issues and are dependent upon the area being imaged.” She adds, “For instance, a cool spot on a lung could indicate diminished blood flow while the same area being too warm may be indicative of an inflammatory process taking place.”

Thermography has largely been used in the U.S. as a preventive application for early detection of inflammatory processes occurring within the breasts. Research shows thermography can “spot” temperature variations of potential problems earlier than other testing methods used today, and thermography’s uses and benefits in medicine are becoming far more widespread.

It’s painless, radiation- and touch-free, and completely non-invasive. The procedure is covered by health savings plans and by some insurance companies. The cost of a single region of interest, such as an abdomen, runs approximately $200, and a full-body procedure is in the $500 range. It’s often a very early indication of potential health issues heading one’s way.

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