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Indy Holistic Hub: Empowers the Well-Being of Our Community

Nov 26, 2014 04:32PM ● By Jennifer Seffrin

Dr. William Starsiak and Raina Fay with Jennifer Seffrin, founder of Indy Holistic Hub

The Indy Holistic Hub (IHH)—a local grassroots movement to connect, support and expand the holistic health and well-being community—is passionate about its mission. The group supports a proactive stance in which enhancing health goes hand-in-hand with enhancing all areas of life, creating a strong synergy where personal power meets holistic self-care.

Traditionally personal wellness has been focused on two main facets: nutrition and exercise. While these primarily physical approaches to overall health are important, they do not stand alone. More and more people realize this and demand a more whole approach to their well-being, incorporating in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to their repertoire. Total well-being requires more consciously aware decisions and the presence of mind to holistically care for oneself.

As characterized by the overwhelming popularity of self-help in all its forms, people are looking to be more empowered, happy and well. Through deeper connection and mindfulness, people are finding spiritual connection to their food and exercise. They are realizing their thoughts and emotions impact their health. A more whole perspective and multi-faceted approach is emerging, setting people up for sustainable well-being.

Holistic care encompasses a philosophy and approach to health and wellness characterized by the treatment of the whole person rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease. Total well-being is a synergy of total well-being in mind, body and spirit. Holistic care often offers more natural options and is complementary to other healthcare services.

Professionals in the holistic field specialize in various areas that cater to these components and options for optimal care and vibrancy. Some of the services within the umbrella of holistic care include chiropractors, naturopaths, life and wellness coaches, acupuncture, reflexology and energy workers. In addition, many professionals more typically associated with traditional medicine have incorporated a holistic approach into their practices. These can include dentists, veterinarians, counselors, nutritionists and practitioners who have adopted a functional/integrative approach to medicine.

“Indy Holistic Hub is a wonderful asset for the Indianapolis community,” offers IHH council member Erica Siegel of Indy Acupuncture. “I am thrilled to be part of a group advocating for the general public to have accessible resources for holistic care. This is important as holistic care is becoming more in demand and we as a society are taking back our health with personal accountability. Clients and their holistic practitioners work together as a team to initiate or bolster the client’s healing path.”

To further support its mission, the group launched a website last spring to help the greater community access resources and find their fit to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual care. It features a directory of holistic health and well-being providers in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Gain a choice and take a proactive step—visit the Indy Holistic Hub website and check out the free information, provider directory and calendar of events. Indy Holistic Hub conducts monthly events for holistic professionals in the community and welcomes input from local groups and businesses to find ways to best serve and impact the well-being of our Indianapolis community.

Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner Jennifer Seffrin is owner of Seffrin Synergy and founder of Indy Holistic Hub, focusing on supporting and growing the holistic community. For more information, send inquiries to [email protected] or visit
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