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Letter from Publisher

Indy Holistic Hub members (L to R) Raina Fay of emPOWER! enLIGHT!, Angela Capretti of Family Tree Counseling, Dr. William Starsiak of Starsiak Osteopathic Clinic, Audrey Barron of Ezra’s Cafe, Teona Wright, publisher of Natural Awakenings and Jennifer Seffrin of Seffrin Synergies at the recent Body Mind Spirit Expo.

Each year at this time, thoughts of abundance, gratitude and family traditions fill me with a sense of warmth and anticipation. I have fond childhood memories of our extended family’s annual Thanksgiving feast, one of a few traditions that has seamlessly bridged with me into adulthood. My favorite lasting memory is of taking turns around the table to say what we are thankful for, underscoring the feeling of palpable love and gratitude.

So I was delighted to experience the Thanksgiving spirit recently at an event celebrating Indianapolis’ holistic community. I was there to represent this magazine and as I visited with attendees and listened to presentations, I was taken with the recurring themes of how being present, loving and giving create a ripple effect. It felt like one big family executing a grand intention.

Preview copies with this month’s feature story by Judith Fertig, “Powerful You! Six Ways to Create the Life You Want,” that we handed out fit beautifully with the event theme. The article’s messages of empowering good in our lives by envisioning and caring for every facet of our well-being remind us to pay less attention to the business of “doing” and more to simply “being present” in each moment of our lives.

I hope that you join me in consistently putting this principle into practice, starting with the spirit of Thanksgiving. As we move through what promises to be accelerated demands on our time and energy during the holiday season, let us pause to slow down, relax, meditate and breath in its special fragrances and savor every flavor. Give yourself the gift of presence.

There’s a peaceful energy that flows with mindfulness. Taking time to incorporate self-care through conscious practices, like eating nutritious food, regular yoga practice and adequate sleep, supports reaching our highest potential. Regardless of the to-do’s dancing around in our heads, gain greater fulfillment by awaking each day focused on what you want to be that day. We all know this is easier said than done, but by mindfully equipping ourselves we will be able to share our best with others, which builds wondrous rewards into our days.

One sure way to elicit a mindset of thankfulness, love and joy is to choose worthwhile ways to give. Many good causes and organizations can use our help, now and year-round. Many in our community still don’t know where their next meal is coming from and too many children go to bed hungry. Tyler Gough, a local advocate dedicated to ensuring families in need have access to healthy foods and the educational tools necessary to provide for themselves, contributed this month’s timely article, “What’s a Food Pantry?” His work inspires me to see fresh ways I can enthusiastically demonstrate love, create a ripple effect and be more of who I want to be.

Wishing you an abundant season of light,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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