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Letter from Publisher

The holiday season is in full swing in our household, having started in earnest in early November. Beyond the usual happy trappings of decorations, shopping, wrapping and planning entertainments, something new, different and important is unfolding this year.

It’s the concept of transforming cherished nouns into action verbs, of anticipating and embracing the impact that actively expressing love, grace and gratitude has on others. These are just a few of the nouns that can produce actions big and small to fill the season with light.

A visit to the Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank marked the beginning of our family’s refreshed action-oriented perspective. As a follow-up to last month’s local story on community food banks with its call to give, we made it personal by donating allergy-friendly foods. The warmth and compassion we felt from the volunteers and recipients still fills our hearts.

Amidst all the holiday to-do’s, any personal challenges or hiccups in family interactions can become magnified, stretching our ability to “walk our talk”. When I most needed an encouraging word, Diana Ensign’s local feature article, “Gifts of Joy,” arrived on my desk. I hope it gives you a boost as it did me; a beautiful early gift of the season.

In sync with all this, Judith Fertig’s feature article, “Spiritual Activism: Love in Action Can Change the World,” speaks to the connection of like-minded people coming together to do good in the world. If one individual takes action, and consequently inspires others to join in, substantial change can happen. Helping to bring this to life in Indianapolis, City Mosaic connects churches and other local organizations eager to support initiatives working to transform, empower and revitalize impoverished area communities (learn more at We celebrate the magnificent present of such a presence in our homes and neighborhoods.

Making the most of special moments, experiencing and embracing the best each day offers, is a gift we can give to ourselves and those around us. This season, our best gifts may well be those that are the most delightful to extend— listening to a friend, smiling at a stranger, creating a new family tradition—all of these can make a welcome difference in how our holidays unfold.

As we wrap up 2014, we give a heartfelt “Thank you” and special note of appreciation to our loyal readers, advertisers, distributors and other Natural Awakenings of Indy supporters. We are grateful to be able to bring you information, ideas and opportunities for healthier choices for you, your family and our home planet. We hope it is a gift you enjoy opening every month of the year.

Wishing you a heartwarming holiday season,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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