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Letter From Publisher

“Loving yourself is the foundation for living the life you want.” These wise words from Louise Hay are excerpted from her new book, Loving Yourself to Great Health, its essence distilled in our interview with her last month. Her credo is resonating with me and has sparked a renewed personal quest taking me into the new year.

February’s heart-happy headliner of Valentine’s Day reminds us how many forms of love are present in our life. I’ve seen valentine cards for partners, children, siblings and friends. It makes me wonder if anyone is producing cards to mail to one’s self? Self-regard that transcends ego and expresses in selfless love for ourselves and others supports everyone’s enhanced health, happiness, calm and peace—including ours!

Kim and I have been working with a coach throughout this past year and have come to realize that everything our mentor has conveyed to us is based on the foundation of living with love and gratitude. She has encouraged us to set self-love as a personal goal and to visualize through our affirmations and actions what our world—and those in it—can look like when colored with this strongest of human emotions and desires. Yes, the supreme power of love is sufficient to overcome negatives in every arena of life.

Consciously rooted in loving kindness for our readers, this month’s themes of Enlightened Relationships and Healing from Grief address related topics that are equally vital to optimal health and happiness. In our Inspiration department, “What’s in Your Way,” author Mary O’Malley asks us to be open to what life brings so that we are better equipped to deal even with the temporary setbacks and curve balls bound to show up along the way. Cultivating compassion for our self on our journey enables us to welcome more peace, ease and joy into our days.

O’Malley’s concept became concrete for me when I started off the year with a persistent case of bronchitis. In retrospect I now understand that this strong signal of imbalance in my system propelled a necessary internal reset that prompted a welcomed detox from an active holiday season filled with merriment and a focus on others. During this reboot, I returned to eating healthy foods, resting and seeking opportunities for peaceful quiet. I took care of myself in an act of self-love and compassion that has provided renewed strength, focus and energy.

Each month, we put much love into creating this magazine for you. I hope you experience that love in some measure as you continually reignite your heart’s desire and commitment to living your best life. May we all be inspired to love our life and all the good it has to offer.

Walk in love,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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