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Being Nature Means Protecting Nature: Supporting Green Businesses is Good for the Environment

Apr 07, 2015 03:55AM ● By Lanette Er

Our national feature article, “Nature’s Wisdom” by Christine MacDonald, encourages us to realize that “we are nature” in order to become better stewards of it. Protecting nature means re-thinking everything we do. As one wonders just how much one person can do to make a difference, it can be a lonely and daunting feeling. To feel less intimidated, seek out other like-minded people and organizations to make one small voice become a multitude of much-louder and more noticeable voices.

There are a number of organizations we can all rally around to protect the environment. One in particular that is making great and meaningful strides is the Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC). It utilizes a combination of education, advocacy and litigation to successfully advance issues most crucial to the future of our ecosystem. These issues include transitioning to a clean energy economy, modernizing transportation, preserving open spaces, making farming more sustainable and protecting our public health. HEC is devoted to identifying the biggest environmental challenges facing Indiana and uniting people toward a solution.

One way HEC unites the community and furthers their efforts is by inviting community organizations to join in their cause through The Green Business Supporter program. “Our supporters are the heart and soul of HEC, and frankly, they’re what keeps us going,” says Jesse Kharbanda, executive director of HEC. “We can only succeed in our mission to make Indiana a healthier, greener place to live, work and play with the community behind us.”

Here are some reasons why current Green Business Supporters protect the environment and choose to support HEC:

Corrie Quinn, Libation and Narration Manager at Goose the Market/ Smoking Goose Meatery:

“We can only sustain a delicious diet if we protect the environment that produces it. Raising food that provides safe, secure sustenance requires clean soil, clean water and clean air. HEC is one of several organizations working to encourage existing practices and develop new policies that benefit our local environment. In turn, our local economy and quality of life benefit. Working to make Indiana healthy in every sense is the ultimate group project and HEC plays a strategic role in actively developing Indiana’s best future.”

Smoking Goose cures and smokes all types of meat from healthy animals raised on independent farms by people who care about the wellbeing of the animals and the land.

Goose the Market is located at 2503 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis. For hours, menus and offerings, visit
Tom Barrett, Owner of Green Water Infrastructure:

“Indiana ranks 49th in the nation in environmental issues and 50th in water quality. We, as Hoosiers, can do much better. We owe it to our children and to their children to leave them with a legacy of caring for the environment. Under the leadership of Jesse Kharbanda, the entire staff at HEC takes a professional, knowledgeable and balanced approach to the most pressing environmental issues. Historically, conflicts and concerns regarding the environment require building a strong, diverse coalition of stakeholders. Through legislative advocacy, community outreach and education, media communication and research, the HEC builds a diverse coalition of stakeholders and affects positive change.”

Green Water Infrastructure is a consulting company that integrates water resources for sustainable site development, striving to utilize one hundred percent of the water resources on any given site.

For information on Green Water Infrastructure, visit
Phil Teague, Co-Founder of Rectify Solar:

“The goods and services we purchase all have an effect on the environment. Due to our limited natural resources, we must support and encourage a culture of sustainability and environmental protection because these practices will help ensure that future generations have the same access to clean water and air. HEC has a history of doing a tremendous job promoting pro-environmental policies in the state legislature and creating a network of active followers in the opposition of bad environmental policies. The cultural shift towards sustainability will be actualized through the heart of Indiana because of HEC’s efforts.”

Rectify Solar strives to promote energy efficiency and sustainability by helping customers save money with solar installation and do-it-yourself solar panel kits.

Rectify Solar is located at 133 W. Market St., #268, Indianapolis. For more information, visit
Clay Robinson, Owner/Brewer of Sun King Brewing Co.:

“We founded Sun King with the idea of taking care of and giving back to our community. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to be good stewards of our planet and we’ve worked hard to build elements of sustainability into our brewery, as well as to partner with local organizations that promote ideas and practices that benefit us all. HEC is a great advocate and voice for the environment. They are doing important work to ensure that all Hoosiers have a beautiful home to enjoy for generations to come.”

Sun King Brewing Co. is located at 135 N. College Ave., Indianapolis. For more information, visit

If your business is fostering cleaner water and air, promoting sustainable and local food, investing in clean energy and 21st-century transportation and other green-minded activities, become an HEC Green Business Supporter and help build a new vision of Indiana’s future: A future of cleaner air, safer water, more protected land, and ultimately, a higher quality of life.

Hoosier Environmental Council is located at 3951 N. Meridian, Ste. 100, Indianapolis. For more information or to become a Green Business Supporter, donate to HEC, attend events or volunteer, visit
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