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Letter From Publisher

Ah, the call of nature. Many of us find ourselves more at peace and aligned with the world when we are in the great outdoors. All of our senses are awake to the color, shapes, sounds and smells. My spirit is regularly driven to be nurtured and replenished by nature, and my body and mind willingly follow along.

An invitation to join our extended family on a weeklong trip to Kauai this winter was a welcome and mind-expanding opportunity. Kauai is known as the garden island, and it lived up to its reputation as a paradise on Earth. We immersed ourselves in the natural beauty and myriad of outdoor pursuits, many of them ocean-related.

The rhythm of life unfolded in the steady movement and sound of the mesmerizing waves washing onto the shore. Relaxing into the sea’s endless tidal movement encouraged quiet reflection, gratitude, and focus on the present moment. We experienced the wonder of nature and warmth of the Hawaiian “Aloha” spirit throughout the visit.

Our return coincided with the release of the preview copy of April’s editorial. Upon reading Christine MacDonald’s national feature article, “Nature’s Wisdom,” I was struck anew by the impact nature can have on us, and vice versa. We are intrinsically linked to nature, and tasked with protecting and living in harmony with it.

This line of thinking, refreshed by the Aloha spirit and sense of connection to nature we discovered in Kauai, put my mind into overdrive. What if each of us directed our energies in a true Aloha spirit toward the environment? Though we have come to use it as an English greeting to say hello and goodbye, Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace and compassion.

Each of Aloha’s deeper meanings can in fact guide and inspire us in how we relate to everything and everyone in the world, so that we beneficially influence people and places with our spirit and actions. We can have a true impact when we embrace our role in protecting the natural balance of Mother Earth.

Our local feature, “Being Nature Means Protecting Nature,” explores what’s going on closer to home, with a focus on the Hoosier Environmental Council. It’s a key area organization dedicated to protecting our environment and advancing issues critical to the future of the ecosystem. Several local advocates weigh in on why they feel it’s so vital to take steps now to support remedies for environmental concerns.

This month brings the special opportunity to celebrate Earth Day, observed every April 22 and celebrated by a billion people in 192 countries this year. Local events are highlighted in our Earth Day spotlight.

Please stop by to say hi at the Natural Awakenings booth during the Earth Day Indiana Festival at White River State Park on Saturday, April 25, and the JCC Indianapolis Earth Day Community Celebration on Sunday, April 26. We look forward to seeing you there!

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