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Letter From Publisher

May 04, 2015 07:32PM ● By By Teona Wright

During a recent crisis du jour—a dishwasher leak that flooded the basement—our family met Djibril Fall. In skillfully helping us coordinate the steps to full restoration of our home, his sense of calm energy quickly turned him into a family friend. He kindly shared his words of wisdom with me: “It’s all good, and it’s only going to get better.” Working through all the related issues has required sustained strength of purpose, but I’ve learned that he was right. The process has spurred a major spring cleaning of sorts, with extra helping hands. It is all good, and getting better.

I’ve since adopted these words as one of my new catchphrases. It offers a practical and beneficial guide in life, as we can’t always predict how a situation will unfold while in the midst of it. What we can do is choose to focus on the most positive outcomes. Putting this into action, I’m now focused on the magnificent month of May, one of my favorite months of the year.

This month’s letter touching on our theme of Women’s Health hasn’t been an easy one for me to write. On the topics we are shining a light on—natural childbirth and breast cancer prevention—I have more than skimmed the surface of both. Like many women, I am sensitive to these issues, which are so critical to overall health and well-being. My experience with both has differed from how as a young girl I envisioned my life unfolding.

A diagnosis of breast cancer at age 32 and ensuing treatment including mastectomy and chemotherapy led to infertility, a hard pill swallow at the time. Many say I showed courage and perseverance through the ordeal, but truthfully I was scared and disappointed. Still, determined to also be hopeful and focused on a positive outcome, my spirit blossomed and I survived.

Since then my life has taken other unanticipated turns and turned up many more blessings than challenges stemming from that experience. I have a heightened appreciation for every birthday that rolls around. I developed a strength and faith that still surprises me. I have children in my life born of the heart rather than the womb, and they are every bit as precious, precocious and perplexing as one’s own.

As you read this issue, I have confidence that you’ll feel a similar sense of hopeful gratitude for the many caring voices of support and healthful solutions available to women today. Helping souls and hands, including the caring men in our lives, are walking by our side as we move forward in wisely assessing our health, options and ability to live well.

Let us commit to nurturing self-care, embracing all the beauty life offers and enjoying every single day.

It’s all good,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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