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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter From Publisher

Jul 14, 2015 04:12PM

This month brings us the Fourth of July, heightened summer pleasures, and our Inspired Living issue. I find myself lifted with patriotic, spirited, action-oriented thoughts. Several exciting movements are afoot.

Today is a simultaneously exciting and sobering time to be part of America’s natural food revolution. After a half century of unhealthful big agribusiness farming practices, food democracy—loosely defined as building a sustainable food system that protects our natural environment, supports farmers and nourishes families—is taking hold. We see an increasing number of organic farms, community gardens and educational initiatives creating a groundswell toward “healthy food for all”.

In our feature article, “Food Democracy: By the People, for the People and Toward a Stronger Nation,” Melinda Hemmelgarn explains the importance of transparency in our food systems. A growing number of individuals and organizations in Indy are part of this movement. Many of us buy natural, local and organic foods—shopping at farmers’ markets and tending plants on the porch—like me. Others are “all in”, devoting time, energy and persistent effort beyond their personal needs like the neighbors we feature in “Hoosier Citizens Exemplify Food Democracy in Action.”

My goddaughter, Melissa Doll, has expanded her backyard raised-bed gardens threefold in three years, blessing many through the fruits of her love of healthy eating. There’s little better than a freshly picked Indiana tomato! I hope you’ll be inspired by all those helping us take back control of our food supply and join in. Be sure to let us know what else is happening to revolutionize the quality of our community food resources.

Our family has been on a quest for healthy eating for several years now, incorporating fresh, whole, plant-based foods into our diet. I recently heard the term that describes our approach: “live-it” instead of “diet”. We focus on foods that have been touched by the sun, absorbed its energy and nature’s abundance.

When people ask what we eat and how they can improve their own eating habits, my short answer is to “produce up” and “process down”—an equation that can make a major impact on health. It also helps to understand, “If your food can go bad, it’s probably good for you. If it can’t go bad, it’s probably bad for you.”

The long answer starts in choosing foods with recognizable ingredients (often just a single ingredient as in a whole food) and insisting on the right to know if something includes a genetically modified organism (GMO). You can learn more about the GMO debate and what we can do in Linda Sechrist’s Wise Words interview with Jeffrey Smith as he warns us against engineered dangers to our health.

Further inspiration and information for you and your family awaits in the pages ahead. Let’s make the most of it by sharing it with loved ones and coming together to raise the torch of freedom to live truly healthy as nature intended.

In celebration of pure goodness,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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