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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

Aug 04, 2015 01:42PM ● By Teona Wright

As a long-time fan and avid reader of Natural Awakenings, and now a member of the Indianapolis branch of the publishing family with Teona, it’s an honor to write this month’s letter from the publisher. This issue hits especially close to home for me, intersecting with some of the most significant aspects of my life journey.

Kathleen Barnes’ article, “Joe Dispenza on the Power to Heal by Thought Alone,” recalls the time when I was 17 with a shattered spine from a bicycle accident. The doctors gave me the bleak news that I may never walk again, and that I certainly would not have a strong enough back to carry a child. Unwilling to accept this, I set the intention to heal my body.

With strong resolve supported by a circle of family and friends around the country praying for my recovery, healing happened. Much like Joe, within a few short weeks of the incident I walked back into my life fully recovered, having had no medical intervention, and later welcomed three, natural-born children into our world.

Our August theme of Parenting with Presence provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on the choices we make in raising our children. As I transitioned into the role of a single working mom in a world filled with busy demands and technological distractions, it wasn’t always easy for me to be a conscious parent. I remember a wakeup call I got a few years ago when my tween son positioned a sticky note on my laptop screen saying, “Hi Mom,  Kyle.” He knew that by placing it right where I was always looking he would get my attention. The simple act of saying “hi” connects us and brings us into the present moment.

Our children are often our greatest teachers because they remind us to embrace the present moment—in life’s wonders and the power of unconditional love, innocence and pure curiosity. Encouraging their free spirits to take flight while striving to model behavior we hope will teach and inspire them to develop into the best versions of themselves is rarely easy. I remind myself often that we are not raising children; we are raising responsible adults that will have the capacity to love fully, embrace gratitude daily and give back to life more than they take.

Every so often a parent gets to experience moments that validate our efforts, reinforce our strengths and fill our hearts to the brim. Such was the case in late July when our family volunteered to make a difference in the life of our youth. Three generations pitched in to fill backpacks with school supplies for local children in need. How proud I am that we had the chance to work as a family and embody the spirit of giving back.

Starting from a place of love and equipped with the knowledge and inspiration found in this month’s issue, we each have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Wishing you the gift of presence,
Kimberly Miller, Associate Publisher
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