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Letter From Publisher

Sep 03, 2015 05:52AM ● By By Teona Wright

You will never have more time than you do right now. That’s not a riddle but a simple truth—both exciting and sobering to ponder. Agelessness, our centering theme this month, is a beautiful concept calling us to remain vital and engaged throughout our entire span of life. Each day can be, is meant to be, an adventure and comes our way just once. How do we make the most of it?

Unlike Peter Pan, who refuses to grow up, we can choose to focus on the joy of always growing and developing while still embracing a youthful outlook and sense of wonder. Seeking to flourish throughout the length and breadth of life, we can make the decision to embrace a confident swagger and expectation of possibilities. We celebrate each opportunity for newfound experiences, friendships, skills and travel into new realms. The years come and go quickly, and each offers it’s own special rewards.

A book that’s been sitting on my shelves recently caught my eye, and helps remind me how to make the most of these precious years – Dan Zadra’s book Where will you be five years from today? Filled with thought-provoking quotes, stories and questions that he’s compiled from many sources, its bottom line affirms the stance that the gift of life is ours, and our individual life journey is determined by the decisions we make each step along the way. I’ve found it to be a treasure.

As thousands of Natural Awakenings of Indy fans are finding, consistently focusing on choices that support health and wellness with our sights set on staying vigorous in body, mind and spirit paves the way to a longer, happier and more fulfilling life. In Kathleen Barnes’ feature article, “Ageless Being,” Dr. Christiane Northrup and other experts share encouraging insights and tips for living vibrantly at any age. It’s up to us to make the choice to take back control of our thoughts and bodies, decrease our stress levels (yoga anyone?), eat clean, foster a spiritual foundation and foster heartfelt connections with the world around us.

Close to home, we welcome Allie McFee as the newest member of our publishing team. This month she shares ideas and resources focused on pursuing agelessness in our local feature, “Supporting the Body’s Aging Process.” You may be familiar with her supportive work within Indy’s holistic community operating Humble Tummy and offering raw food cooking classes, wellness coaching and workshops.

In addition to developing healthy perspectives and acting on good intentions, I think it helps to have role models we can look to for inspiration. One of mine is Louise Hay, a renowned leader in the self-help movement and still a dynamic life force at 88 years young. Her approach encourages us to pursue ageless health by loving ourselves and others, nourishing mind and body, laughing, learning and growing, giving back and moving ahead. Here’s to saying yes to life and the magic it brings.

Just say yes,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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