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How to Choose Essential Oils

Dec 11, 2015 01:09PM ● By Lanette Er

More consumers are taking charge of their health by making their own soaps, personal care products and cleaning products. Along with enjoying the creativity, it helps to bypass the toxic, synthetic ingredients used in commercially made products. Many turn to essential oils to enhance their products, but most are unaware that there’s a distinct difference in the quality of oils available from different brands in the marketplace.  

As is the case with many natural products that start to trend, irresponsible companies motivated solely by profits start sourcing impure ingredients that make it difficult for consumers to live the healthy lifestyle they desire.

Essential Oil Selection“Because essential oils have become so popular, many companies are reducing their production costs by utilizing oils distilled from genetically modified seeds that may be grown in soils on which pesticides or herbicides were used,” says Marilyn York, a Wholistic Health Advocate and long-term Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. “Also, some are completely synthetic or have been diluted with carrier oils that aren’t holistically pure.”

Young Living Essential Oils began the oil trend 20 years ago, taking their stewardship of the planet and the plants seriously. They own their own farms and utilize partner-farms to ensure non-GMO ingredients grown in soil untouched by pesticides and herbicides, and distilled using a fusion of ancient and modern distillation techniques. Oils are also undiluted and every step of the essential oil process is scrutinized to bring the consumer the purest product the Earth has to offer, as part of their “Seed to Seal” commitment.  

“I applaud the explosive trend to incorporate essential oils into all areas of our lives, as well as the additionally explosive trend to individually take charge of our personal health,” says York, “but, as with all things, one must do the research and ask questions that make the seller uncomfortable if they’re selling irresponsible products.”  

For more information on Young Living Essential Oils, visit or email [email protected].

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