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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Winter Gong Meditation Workshops

Dec 11, 2015 01:09PM

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Hari Datti Kaur, is offering two meditative opportunities to celebrate a healthy holiday alternative through a group sound healing experience using the vibrations of two large symphonic gongs from 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. on December 18, and 6 to 7:30 p.m. on December 31, both at CITYOGA.

In the first event, the Solstice evening, Hari Datti Kaur will lead participants on a journey through the energetic centers of the body, known as chakras, by using easy physical yoga, meditation and mantra. On New Year’s Eve, the focus will shift to intention building and prosperity meditations, with the goal of discarding what’s no longer needed and set new and positive intentions by using the vibrations of the two gongs.

Gong Master Don Conreaux, one of the first Kundalini yoga teachers, has written extensively about the nature of the Gong and says, “After a gonging begins, the sound waves and tone frequencies will draw you into your inner self. It can bring up what needs to be brought to one’s attention and it also can lead to a state of Samadhi, or merger of consciousness.”

The events are geared for attendees to experience the benefits of vibrational healing. The Solstice event is shorter, with a 20- to 25-minute gong immersion. The immersion on New Year’s Eve is 45 minutes. Attendees should bring a yoga mat or blanket, and community time and Yogi Tea will take place afterwards.

Cost: December 18, $15; December 31, $20. Location: 2442 N. Central Ave., Indianapolis. For more information, call Hari Datti Kaur at 317-430-3875 or email [email protected]. Register at

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