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Community Enhances Gratitude

Dec 14, 2015 04:55PM ● By Allie McFee

Gratitude is a state of mind in which the general thought and belief is to see the abundance and opportunity that is constantly flowing. Thanksgiving comes every November, just as the last leaves fall from the trees and the Earth reminds us it’s time to turn inward and look for the abundance in our homes, our family and

The Playful Soul
The Playful Soul
community, as the colder months invite us to gather indoors.

Business owners in Indianapolis have found ways to retain a mindset of gratitude to adjust to the seasonal changes and continue giving to the community. Using the season of autumn as a time to reflect on their creations and literally take stock of the harvests allows them to see how they made a positive impact on their community, and to feel grateful for the improvements they made through giving.

Gratitude for Community Support in Business

“Gratitude brings me back to my roots,” says Vicki Mack, owner of the Playful Soul, in Indianapolis. As a

Georgetown Market
Georgetown Market
business owner, her mind can easily fall into an overwhelmed state keeping up with the business’s growing needs. However, Mack uses gratitude as a tool to slow down, be present in the moment and feel grateful for how The Playful Soul has grown and how it has impacted the lives of the community.

The Playful Soul provides a space of learning where numerous classes of spiritual and wellness topics are taught by local practitioners.

“We have created a space for the seeker to come in and nourish their soul in different ways,” says Mack.

Georgetown Market’s owner, Rick Monteith is grateful for the opportunity to work in a career that provides a service to the community. Georgetown Market is a natural foods grocery store that also offers wellness classes and an in-store juice bar.

Personally knowing that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives is what really keeps me going, knowing that people are getting results and experiencing better health. ~Rick Monteith.

Gratitude in Community Building

Jennifer Seffrin, owner of Indy Holistic Hub, Indianapolis’ holistic networking community, supports the community by creating abundance within the plethora of options for holistic services in their online directory.

Jennifer Seffrin and Angela Capretti at Meet and Greet Lunch
Jennifer Seffrin and Angela Capretti at Meet and Greet Lunch
“Working with other holistic practitioners reminds me daily to be thankful for what they are doing for community,” says Seffrin.

Her way of remaining grateful happens in the moments of pause between her work, her time as a mother and wife, and her activities in the community. In these moments she feels thankful for all of her blessings and all that she has created and experienced.

“I love the little synchronicities in life, and being inspired and excited by what’s showing up and then doing something with it. These are opportunities for touching lives,” says Seffrin.

Angie Capretti, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, blogger and event organizer, finds her gratitude in being able to grow community.

“I feel blessed to be able to provide events that strengthen community connections,” says Capretti. “Community is valuable to me because I meet people who inspire me, who show me healthy foods and products that improve my life, and then I feel even more inspired to create events that help grow community, nurture it and expand it.”  

Capretti is an event organizer for Indy Holistic Hub, Evoke Arts and Media, and Grow Local Roots, an event that shares local resources and healthy information during the March Against Monsanto.

Gratitude in Community Giving

Fresh Bucks is a program that allows users of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp program) have access to local, high-quality food at Indianapolis farmers’ markets.

Fresh Bucks Coordinator Lauren Scharenbrock says, “What I’m most grateful for in doing this work is being able to connect people with nutritious food. I am also grateful All Fresh Bucksthat, in our current food system, we have solved the problem of getting everyone enough food, and can now focus on quality and nutrition.”

Fresh Bucks started in 2013 at the Indy Winter Farmers’ Market and in 2014 it expanded to five additional locations: Binford Farmers’ Market, Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market, Crooked Creek Farmers’ Market, the Legacy Center Farm Stand, and the Original Farmers’ Market.

Growing community becomes a full circle of giving where the participant and the receiver grow together in their wealth of knowledge and are then able to be resources for each other. Strong community bonds lead to a more enriched life of gratitude and abundance.

The Playful Soul is located at 6516 N. Ferguson St., Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-253-0499 or visit

Georgetown Market is located at 4375 Georgetown Rd., Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-293-9525 or visit

To view or become a member of Indy Holistic Hub’s online holistic directory, visit

Visit Angela Capretti’s blog at

To learn more about the Fresh Bucks program, call 317-925-0191 or visit

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