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Letter from Publisher

Dec 14, 2015 04:55PM

Kim, Mary Lynn Ziemer and Teona

Thanksgiving—the word conjures a range of images, emotions and remembrances. It’s often defined as the act of expressing thanks, a grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors realized. Rather than depend on something we possess or have received or a situation related to outward circumstances, it has more to do with our attitude toward life.

How we deal with our emotions impacts our health, whether it’s from a stance of complaining negativity or making the choice to “in everything give thanks,” as Paul advised the Thessalonians. Much of how we process our thoughts and feelings as adults we learned in childhood and Teal Swan offers practical advice to help us positively shape our children’s perspective going forward in, “What’s Your Child’s EQ? Six Ways to Raise Emotional Intelligence.” In guiding children toward emotional maturity we learn more skillfulness ourselves.

Emotional maturity combined with an inner spiritual attitude of gratitude helps us be more at peace even as we face difficult circumstances. The very act of thanksgiving instantly redefines our view of the moment. With practice, we harness a strong inner ability to become more productive and happier in life.

In this month’s Inspiration department, Mary Lynn Ziemer advises that the fastest, simplest way to get started on the path to feeling true happiness is through a daily gratitude journal. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with her as my life and business coach because through our work together I’ve learned a priceless skill: how by changing the patterns of my thoughts, words and actions to give thanks for everything big and small, I effectively change my world. The saying “What I think about I bring about” rings true.

At first, fitting a daily journaling practice into my busy schedule as Ziemer suggests was challenging even though I manage to find time for daily physical activity. I make the latter a priority because I love the feeling that comes from this discipline. Isn’t healthy exercise for mind and spirit every bit as vital and re-energizing? Now my daily gratitude journal is forming welcome new mental habits and is providing a wonderful step in achieving a happier and more purpose-directed life. I highly recommend it.

When you begin a gratitude journal you may find yourself addicted to the practice in just a few weeks. Of course, this time of year provides a natural time to pause, reflect on what matters most and redirect our attention. Just write about what you are grateful for today. I like including some blessings I feel are present yet may not have yet manifested outwardly, accepting them as already in your life.

In the spirit of sharing, here’s an excerpt from my own journal: “I am so grateful I always have an abundance of time and I always get everything done in an easy and relaxed manner.” Let us all aim to have this gratitude statement manifest itself throughout the holiday season and beyond!

I am grateful for you,

Kimberly Signature

Kimberly Miller, Associate Publisher

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