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Letter from Publisher

Each new year beckons us to embrace a fresh start. Goals, plans and affirmations are declared with good intentions and excitement, perhaps coupled with apprehension about the personal changes needed and the work involved to move forward with our life.

Among the most critical choices we make are those involving our health, which has everything to do with the quality of our life, ability to work and approach to relationships.  Acting on a holistic philosophy embracing the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit can be significant in shifting from constantly caring for health issues to sustained well-being.

Like many families, we’ve had our share of health issues related to the physical, mental and emotional environment we live in. Given this, we decided several years ago to make our health a priority and rely more fully on common sense integrative approaches than medication.

The traditional Western healthcare model still relies primarily on surgical procedures and dosing people with drugs, treating symptoms rather than the root cause of distress. Prescription drug disclaimers that include long lists of potential side effects whispered fast or in small print make drugs a scary proposition. Popping pills appeals as an easy option for those looking for a temporary quick fix with minimal personal change on their part.

Despite spending more on health care than the next 10 top-spending countries combined, the U.S. has the most chronic disease and the shortest life span of all industrialized nations. A whole new view is obviously needed and we are starting to see a shift toward a more holistic paradigm of healthcare, with functional medicine at the forefront.

Functional, or integrative, medicine looks to address the root cause of disease and what can be done to facilitate natural repair of the body and restoration to its native healthful state.  Our body can deliver tremendous healing power if we tune in to listen and learn. Paying attention to symptoms it alerts us to long before a crisis point is key, as is prevention.

In this month’s national feature article, “The Rise of Functional Medicine: New Paradigm Gets to the Root of Disease,” Lisa Marshall explores how this approach leverages the most effective and least invasive methods possible.  Marshall’s observations are expanded upon in our local feature, “What Is Functional Medicine,” by Dr. Stephen Elliott of Living With Intention, in Fishers. Elliott further defines and provides examples of a functional medical practice in action as they search for the healing options best tailored to individual patient needs.

Holistic care is growing at a healthy rate in our city, evidenced in our Indy Holistic Hub Community Spotlight. It connects and supports a broad array of practitioners and businesses supporting a whole-body approach to wellness.

We all now have many more options helping us to naturally balance, prolong and enjoy life to the max—starting by taking care of our most valuable asset, our health.

Whole-hearted wishes for a happy and healthy 2016,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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