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The Most Magnificent Friendship of All: Principles from The Energy Codes

Feb 02, 2016 06:55AM ● By Dr. Sue Morter

We often seek to have that wonderful quality of unconditional exchange in life that is present with an old and trusted friend—someone we have known what seems forever. We yearn to be in the presence of someone with whom we can be “ourselves” and trust that the feedback they give us will be honest, frank and true. We long to know there’s someone who truly has our best interest at heart, 100 percent of the time and they would never withhold love or guidance or their sincere presence, for any reason.

We’ve been counseled through psychology that in order to have this kind of experience with another, we must first learn to have it with ourselves. The relationships that we cultivate over time are ultimately a reflection of what we are “being”. The popular movies and books centered on the Law of Attraction in the past decade have told us that we attract what we radiate, and we radiate what we believe we are worthy of experiencing, consciously or unconsciously. The new sciences of epigenetics and quantum mechanics are showing us that our beliefs are profoundly responsible for our experience and that what we focus on is what we will “get”. Friendship within these parameters then becomes feedback about how we are doing with cultivating that loving relationship with ourselves.

We are, at our very basic foundational level, made of energy—streaming, flowing, ever-moving energy. Every cell of our bodies is a package of energy with specific functions. Every thought that we think is energy flowing in another form. Everything in all of creation is this same energy, all expressing in different patterns. As humans we waste it, we use it, and we save some and sustain ourselves. We seek more of it when we don’t learn how to manage it properly and we find seemingly boundless amounts of it when we are inspired or in love. We can choose how this exchange of energy will flow though our lives. We may not think we are but we are choosing all of the time how we will engage energetically—consciously, or below the surface of our awareness, in the subconscious. We are choosing our relationship with it. We are always either befriending or fighting against our potential to create exactly the experience we desire in life.

The deeper look is reflected in one of the principles of The Energy Codes, a culmination of research from thousands of my patient and client cases over the past three decades:  The most important relationship we will ever establish is the relationship with that universal energy flow as it flows through our lives. Beyond the friendship we seek in the outer world through people and pets and the promises we have dreamt of, and beyond the friendship that we awaken to realize that we must establish with ourselves in order to have quality, non-compromising, and unconditional friendships with others, there is another friendship to cultivate for deep transformation and fulfillment in our lives. It is the friendship that you will have with “What is”.

Life is in constant unconditional support of your unfolding to the realization of your magnificence. Quantum science is showing us that there is only one thing happening on the most subtle and refined level energetically in the cosmos. It’s an unfolding, an opening, a growth and an evolution of energy. Everything inside of creation is a part of that flow. “What is” in your life is what happens, it is “the way things go”, and it’s always flowing to your advantage. Therefore, it is unconditionally your friend. If we could learn to befriend “the way things go” then we would actually be in the most splendid friendship of all. As we learn to trust “the way things go”, we begin to experience the energy flow that is attempting to move through our lives and we experience that which we seek to experience from others.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. and founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, in a presentation to the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine entitled Befriending Your Mind, Befriending Your Life, spoke of the significance of observing the happenings of life and befriending them rather than reacting in a personal manner as if the perceived threat is real. He describes this as life-changing. Harvard Medical research concurs with the numerous health benefits of this perspective in many studies.  

Deepak Chopra, author and founder of The Chopra Foundation, told The Huffington Post  that which we call faith and trust are important components of healing and wholeness.
When there’s trust in your relationship with the “way things go”, when you see that life has always been attempting to show you your own magnificence by nudging you to delve more deeply within and find parts that you didn’t even know you had, a true friendship is born. This is yours for the choosing.

Dr. Sue Morter Dr. Sue Morter, founder of Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics, that reconnects mind, body and spirit for healing, travels and speaks globally on bridging Eastern and Western wisdom teaching principles and practices for embodying our fullest potential. She’s currently writing a book to codify the common ground of healing on every level. Contact her at [email protected] or visit


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