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Letter from Publisher

Kim and Teona enjoy family night with Aunt Florence at Puccini’s Smiling Teeth Pizza & Pasta

As a self-admitted foodie, this issue on Food Matters holds special excitement for me as we explore healthy, sustainable food choices. Most of us are familiar with making healthy choices revolving around locally grown and other whole foods, organic whenever possible. Through reading Natural Awakenings each month and listening to local and national natural health experts, we understand the intrinsic truth that “We are what we eat.”

t. Hurdles in our path include genetically modified (GMO) ingredients in crops and processed foods, overuse of antibiotics and hormones in raising livestock, toxic agricultural chemicals and other questionable corporate farming practices, all of which are prevalent in America’s conventional food supply.

In these pages you’ll find a variety of views shining a light on how to make improved food choices that better support the well-being of both ourselves and our planet. Melinda Hemmelgarn’s feature article, “Meaty Truths: Choosing Meat That is Sustainable and Safe,” represents a first for this magazine, helping us discern between the results of conventional animal feeding operations and more natural practices.

For optimal health, most research points toward a mostly plant-based diet with a limited amount of wisely-selected animal products. Judith Fertig explores creative ways to increase our plant consumption in “Taste the Rainbow: Expand Your Palate with New Colorful Veggies.” We’ve included recipes from local writer Chef Allie McFee to help us get started.

Serendipitously, March marks the 25th anniversary celebration for a favorite local restaurant—Puccini’s Smiling Teeth Pizza & Pasta. It’s become a happy local tradition for date nights, family parties or simply enjoying good food in a cozy setting.

The collection of regular patrons and long-term servers comprise a Cheers-like atmosphere, where everyone knows your name as well as your favorite order. We’ve met many die-hard fans that reserve a special place in their hearts for this place with stories to tell.

Our family qualifies, having frequented the Puccini’s Fishers location for nearly 20 years, often weekly. Yes, we have our favorite booth and favorite order, beautifully served by our good friends Brett, Shelly and Amy over the years. We were beyond grateful when the menu expanded to include gluten-free and allergy friendly selections just when our family needed them.

Don Main, Puccini’s co-partner and founder, gives us insight into their journey in this month’s Community Spotlight. Heartfelt thanks go out to local businesses like this one that consistently contribute to the quality of life in our community. Here’s to the next 25!  

In health and happiness,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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