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Letter from Publisher

The potential for achieving Everyday Sustainability is driven by everyday choices. Environmentally friendly actions begin at home with each one of us and ripple out into our businesses and communities. Individually and collectively we are all responsible for making caring decisions that support the health of Mother Earth and future generations.  

Our family’s eco-journey started many years ago with general recycling efforts. Seeing the volume of papers and containers that stacked up each week was sobering, and the only logical choice for us was to set up separate bins and sign up for recycling services. Over time, we’ve gone greener through other obvious upgrades like nontoxic cleaning supplies, reusable bags and electronic bill pay.

Our food choices have evolved to include buying sustainably raised meat products and focusing on organic produce, frequenting farmers’ markets and tending raised-bed backyard gardens. This interest in growing our own produce led to a decision to switch to natural landscaping and lawn care; I admit it took a leap of faith to watch that transition unfold, but the effort was worth it. Our lawn now looks better than ever.

Such steps have changed our whole family’s mindset toward the value of conscious consumption. Learning about and being aware of what’s possible, we now limit our consumption of everything from packaged foods to new clothes and household items. Putting the motto of “reduce, reuse, recycle” into action makes sense for our family, and ultimately saves money and energy while conserving precious natural resources.

Repurposing items means we refurbish and update the way some items are used and donate what we no longer have a use or love for. We’ve enjoyed following the tips of Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, because her view has radically altered our perception of possessions in a freeing way. The idea of letting go of what has served its purpose, and keeping and cherishing only the things you love is resonating with people throughout the world. Kondo shares some of her key principles in April Thompson’s Wise Words interview, “Marie Kondo on the Joy of Tidying Up.”

This issue also highlights several area businesses and organizations making strides to minimize their impact on the environment plus information on local Earth Day themed events. Our family looks forward to participating in our city’s Power Recycle weekend on April 9 and 10 at the Indianapolis Zoo by donating a carload of paper, old electronics and clothing. We also welcome the opportunity to be a part of the JCC Earth Day Community Celebration on April 17 and the Earth Day Indiana Festival on April 23.

Such family-friendly events present fun opportunities for everyone to discover rewarding ways to go a deeper shade of green. Please stop by the Natural Awakenings of Indy table at the Earth Day events to say hi and let us know what latest eco-steps you are taking that are making you feel good about your life.

It’s good to be green,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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