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Thyroid Testing Done Right

What’s the best way to monitor thyroid function? With a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test, right?  

Not any more. In fact, TSH hasn’t been the best option for many years now. Frustratingly, it’s still the reflexive test of choice in most conventional medicine offices today.

The problem with TSH is that it’s not a thyroid hormone at all. It’s a pituitary hormone. The historical rationale supporting TSH testing is quite simple: It’s all we had. For many years, before lab testing technology had advanced sufficiently, TSH really was the best, most accurate thyroid assessment available to physicians. Yet, that's simply not true anymore.

Today we can actually measure thyroid hormone production with great accuracy. And when we take the time to do that, we get a much better and clearer assessment of thyroid function. Here’s what you need at the very least:  a total thriodothyronine (total T3), free T3, free thyroxine (T4), Reverse T3, and anti-thyroid antibodies. Ask your doctor to run those tests.

Resource: Stephen P. Elliott, M.D., Medical Director, Living with Intention, Inc.,11979 Fishers Crossing Dr., Fishers. 317-863-5888.

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