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Letter from Publisher

The state of Women’s Wellness affects us all, whether we are female or through our relationships and association with the women in our lives. While we easily recognize and commend the many roles women fulfill and marvel at their apparent capacity to “do it all” with style and grace, such a notion can lead to harmful overexertion. Living with no downtime can have unintentional consequences.

When intently attending to the care of others for extended periods of time, it’s probable that we are neglecting to attend to our own needs. Though we inherently understand that when we take care of ourselves we are better equipped to take better care of others, we don’t often top our own priority list. We’re all familiar with the instructions from airline attendants to first put on our own oxygen mask, and then help children or elders with theirs; yes, we need to ensure a flow of oxygen to ourselves first, before we can help others.

Many women believe they can shortchange this message of self-nurturance and triumph, regardless. In the short term we feel fulfilled and energized from serving others, Flowerswhich is beneficial to us as well. But long-term engagement combined with relentless busyness just to keep our life going can be devastating to our health. Opportunities to fill our days with need to’s and want to’s seem limitless, but doing ever more without pausing to rest and reflect is a slippery slope. We can better ensure we have the stamina and capacity to run our best race when we consistently care for our own mind, body and spirit.

You may think because I publish a holistic magazine that my self-care, eating, exercise and overall healthy living habits are spot on, but everyone is a work in progress. Earlier this year, I fell prey to the pressures of a perfect storm of personal and professional demands that created an imbalance in my system. The consequences forced me to slow down, regroup and refocus on my health. During this time, some incredible caregivers stepped in to address and support a holistic protocol that thankfully brought my body back into sync with itself and I learned a valuable lesson.

The state of our health is impacted by numerous factors ranging from food and environment to technology. Some of the cautionary signals we need to watch out for include inflammation, thyroid functioning, hormonal imbalance and loss in the pleasure of life. Our May issue is filled with articles from local health practitioners and national authors well-versed in natural ways to enhance our health and vitality. I encourage you to pick up extra copies for your friends and loved ones, and together take that next step to enhance your journey.  

To optimal wellness,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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