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The Energy Codes of Women’s Health: A Natural Healing Approach

Apr 30, 2016 06:55AM ● By Dr. Sue Morter

There is a codified way of looking at Natural Healing: Natural treatment for health issues needs to start with a look at their natural causes. This might be surprising, but there is a simple explanation behind every complicated diagnosis, if we know what to look for.

The body is built to operate on a priority basis. Survival is its number one priority. If there is something perceived as life threatening, the body will always pay attention and attempt to resolve that threat before it will look toward any other issue. And unfortunately, it can create other problems along the way.

An example is the common issue of thyroid imbalance. It’s important to consider the possibility that the situation is functional and temporary. If the body is stuck in a fight or flight state (like running from or fighting a bear) for a prolonged period of time, our adrenal glands become exhausted. One of the ways that the body compensates for not having adrenaline is to call upon the thyroid to “jump in” and assist in providing energy to continue to allow the body to fight or to rise to the occasion of work or stress.
These are our modern-day “bears”. This is not the thyroid’s job, but it can jump in for the team. Eventually the thyroid exhausts. It is not designed to function this way long term. And if the bear never goes away, the body will continue to over-work the thyroid gland. Then the entire hormonal system fluctuates in response and a roller coaster of effect will follow. The doctor takes a snapshot of the situation and the thyroid looks to be under-functioning and so a prescription for a medication to support it is suggested. Actually the thyroid is over-functioning, but exhausted—so it looks deceiving. The next thing we know, there is a diagnosis, and there actually might have been a more simple solution.  

Harvard Medical School research shows that stress is a top player in health conditions in women such as thyroid conditions, and weight gain. Lack of sleep is at the top of the list as one of the great contributors. Fighting bears robs of us sleep and eventually of our health—if there was a bear in the room with you, the last thing your body would want to do is to fall asleep!

This is a behind the scenes domino reaction to stress that can lead to complicated diagnoses which can frighten many women, when all the while, it is possible that a simple solution could be at hand. Here are some natural approaches to facilitating prevention of the domino reaction happening with you:

Eat foods that alkalize the body and do not require more work and energy to break down and digest.

Drink 10 glasses of plain, unflavored water per day. Drink before you are thirsty.

Breathe first in the belly and not in the chest. This sets the autonomic (automatic) nervous system into a healing mode.

Think from a perspective that everything in life is pointing you toward knowing your magnificence, rather than beating you down. Less bears this way!

Exercise to a sweat every day a minimum of 20 minutes. To be safe, make sure you are able to carry on a conversation while you exert yourself.

Rest eight hours; five hours without interruption. If you can’t stay asleep for five hours, stop your stimulants: coffee, tea, sugar, soda, etc.

Love like nothing can keep you from it. Unconditional Love is found to shift the nervous system into a healing mode and sustain it unlike any substitute out there.

Dr. Sue Morter teaches many self-healing techniques, meditation exercises and how to embody our true personal power in her internationally acclaimed program called The Energy Codes. She founded Morter Institute and HealthCenter in 1987 in Indianapolis, and can be reached at [email protected].


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