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Letter from Publisher

The good news is, there’s good news. Despite tremendous challenges in our world today, there is persistent hope and a shared belief that there is much more love than hate. It’s evidenced every time people come together to express love in action during times of turmoil, tragedy and uncertainty.

Local and global challenges are many, often centered on the health of people and our planet. We’re exposed 24/7 to the recounting of mainstream news stories that can sadden and scare us: antisocial acts of hatred; political divisiveness; environmental crises in the making; and changes in formerly trusted food sources. The reach of crime scene TV shows, terrorist thrillers and violent video games can numb us to the greater good going on. In addition to such media stressors, we each face demands and expectations in our personal lives that can overwhelm us. Taken together, I’m thinking that the American psyche is fighting to stay more hopeful than fearful.

I consider myself optimistic by nature and don’t want to sound defeatist, yet I ask myself, “Do we have the capacity to address and overcome these challenges?” The “good news” is that something productive can come out of the current state of affairs, generated by people from all walks of life and disparate groups uniting to bring about positive changes.

A key component to change is shared insights, uncovering the facts and sharing positive, actionable information that can lead to real progress. In reading Linda Sechrist’s national feature article, “Real News that Matters: Independent Media Tell Us the Truth,” I gained a heightened awareness and realization of how the family of Natural Awakenings franchise magazines throughout the U.S. play a key role in disseminating well-researched, practical information that makes a difference in readers’ pursuit of sustainable healthy living on all levels.

I’m encouraged and honored by what together we can be and do in a conscious push for good, for generating helpful solutions, raising ground swells of effective activism, encouraging personal responsibility for reducing our impact on Earth and spreading a better way of living by example. Each month our contributors strive to fill the growing demand in our community for relevant, cutting-edge information that meet readers where they are and help get them where they want to be.

July brings local stories of more good things already happening right here in Indy. Our Community Spotlight on independent radio stations shares an overview of the creative, informative and uplifting programming offered by two local stations. Kelly Calwell’s local feature, “Indianapolis Women: Watering the Roots of Indy’s Harvest,” offers perspective regarding the cycle of area food production and good news about how several local entrepreneurs are moving Indy toward a more sustainable, healthy food supply.

All of these signs of light can help our hearts stay hopeful and loving, determined to embrace and contribute to the goodness around us.

It’s summertime… and life is good,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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