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Letter from Publisher

Reagan Doll and Kim

Our August theme of Empowering Youth includes guidance on how we can help empower children so that they grow up with confidence, emotional intelligence, character, leadership, self-esteem, fitness and social skills while growing into the unique individuals they are created to be. Our collective role is as their guardian, protector and teacher, encouraging them to make their own positive contribution in the world.

As another school year begins, it’s more essential than ever that today’s children are mentally and emotionally equipped to engage in safely navigating crucial challenges.

They–along with our schools–are not immune to the barrage of incidents and news reports on senseless violence unwittingly spreading the mental toxicity of internalized anger turned outward, affecting innocent lives. Parents face the need to balance the messages with faith in the power of change, taking loving actions to replace fear with love.

Wayne Dyer maintained, “Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.” The Golden Rule applies as we embrace ourselves and others in thought as walking the path that is perfect for each one. Our job includes providing guardrails to keep young people from going off the road and so allow them to better enjoy the journey.

When I asked my 9-year-old granddaughter, Reagan, about her view on empowerment, she shared, “My empowerment comes from helping others and making others feel better.” Everyday acts such as loading up backpacks for kids in need and volunteering for our church’s annual Good Neighbor events are clearly shaping her giving heart.

As our discussion turned to love and gratitude, she said: “Even if something bad happens we should always have a positive attitude. There are people that are not kind-spirited as something bad has happened in their life,” she continued, “and they are taking it out on others and we need to love them.” Such youth can clearly be vital change agents and we must listen closely to their voices.

Playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda shared in his recent Tony Award acceptance speech for the musical Hamilton that the power of love is enduring, even through tough times when hate and fear seem stronger. “Love is love is love is love…” he emotionally avowed, “It cannot be killed or swept aside.”

We always have opportunities to make an encouraging difference in the lives of others. Let us choose to take them, putting love into action throughout our day.

Walk in love,

Kimberly Signature

Kimberly Miller, Associate Publisher

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