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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Women’s Healing Events at White Pine Wilderness Academy

Two unique women’s healing events at White Pine Wilderness Academy, Indianapolis, this month will be led by Laura Rain, a spiritual counselor and healing facilitator for individuals and couples.

The first event, from 1 to 3 p.m. on November 5, is Red Tent: Divine Feminine Healing with Tantric Breathwork, which will teach women to connect with their breath and use it for healing and awakening inner Divine Feminine energy. Attendees can expect music and chanting, and are invited to bring drums, shakers, flutes and songs to perform and share.

Red Tent Indy is a community group providing sacred space for women to gather and exchange information that supports, empowers and heals.

A Women’s Sexual Healing Retreat, a two-day immersion event, is set for 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on November 12 and 13. Women will reclaim their sexual power by releasing traumas and feelings of guilt and shame related to their bodies and sexuality. The retreat provides a safe space for women to express and connect to their femininity with guided exercises, breathwork, movement and story sharing.

“So many women have endured sexual trauma, the statistics are tremendous,” says Rain. “Many women have never been able to talk about their experience in a safe space.”

With her own history of sexual abuse and later working with a child that had experienced sexual trauma, Rain’s mission became focused on helping women heal this trauma by bridging the gap between spirituality and sexuality.

Admission for Red Tent Indy: $5 suggested donation. Admission for Women’s Sexual Healing Retreat: $300. Location: 841 W. 53rd St., Indianapolis. For more information on Red Tent gathering, visit For more information on Women’s Sexual Healing Retreat, visit

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