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Letter from Publisher: Celebrate!

Spring brings much to celebrate as we anticipate Mother’s Day and our city prepares to welcome thousands to the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” with the annual Indy 500. Did you know that at least 10 women have officially entered this male dominated event? Our May edition shines a light on strong women, with special features on motherhood and compassionate female leaders.

While most women are blessed to become moms—the majority as a birth mother and others as a mother of the heart to loved ones—many women manage to emerge as a strong mothering figure or mentor on a big stage. This month we recognize all those that nurture the world and expand our view of life’s possibilities in infinitely diverse ways.

Deborah Shouse explores vital, naturally healthy options for pregnancy and delivery in our feature article “Natural Motherhood: Creating the Best Start for New Life.” When considering holistic childbirth methods, Indianapolis offers preand post-birth support through skilled doulas, midwives and a special birthing center; we’ve compiled a list of area resources for your reference. We’ve also added a companion article by local doula Ali Schaffer, “When to Consider a Doula.”

Although I’ve experienced bittersweet moments in missing the experience of a natural born child, mostly I dwell in peaceful acceptance of my role as an involved godmother, grateful for all life has become. Loving, sharing and caring for others is always in high demand. I treasure my godchildren, who allow me to experience motherhood from the perspective I was destined to.

Recently, I came to understand the concept of a “family of the heart” even more when one of my goddaughters and her husband adopted a newborn, allowing our extended family to witness the miracle and blessing of being entrusted with a new life to nurture and love and the importance of doing so to our fullest capacity. Thus, my perspective continues to expand, as does my heart space.

Linda Sechrist’s article, “Heart-Based Leadership: Women Mobilizing to Heal the World,” shines a light on how feminine wisdom, intuition and compassion frequently lead to building and healing local communities and beyond. Several more such inspired agents are highlighted in Allie McFee’s article, “Local Feminine Leadership for Compassionate Change.”

We also are privileged this month to celebrate four years of publishing Natural Awakenings of Indy, part of a nationwide franchise family. It’s an honor I take to heart, striving to fulfill my chosen role by embracing qualities of both good mothering and feminine leadership. This journey began for me as a reader and fan of the magazine and I continue to put it together from this viewpoint—responsibly filling our monthly pages with solid and actionable information, good news and resources to support a naturally healthy and happy lifestyle.

Celebrating you always,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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