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Local Practitioners Offer Chronic Pain Solutions

May 31, 2017 09:18PM ● By Allie McFee

 A s stated in Kathleen Barnes article “Break Free of Chronic Pain: Natural Ways to Feel Much Better,” there are solutions for health deriving from holistic methods that are less invasive than surgery and less dangerous than opioids and other medications.

We visited with several local practitioners that offer practical solutions for treating the root cause of the pain through emotional release, proper chi flow, and structural care.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Colette Liose, also known as the “TAPNGRL,” offers a mix of Law of Attraction Coaching and Tapping, also known as EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique to alleviate chronic pain symptoms.

“Our mess is our message,” says Liose, as she believes working with the pain and expressing emotional issues are keys to self-awareness for decoding the root cause of the symptom.

Her work is based on the same principles of Greg Braden and Louise Hays’ message that pain is an emotional expression of the body repressing energy from self-limiting thoughts and past traumatic experiences.

“We have core issues, such as believing we are not enough or feeling shame or guilt,” says Liose. “A lifetime of crappy thinking can affect the body.”

Liose works with clients with chronic pain, such as from fibromyalgia or PTSD. Her most recent success stories include a client being able exercise again for the first time in years after having severe knee pain, and another with fibromyalgia becoming pain-free and eventually weaning off of her medications.

Liose’s childhood of abuse is what triggered her own journey into this work. She used self-inquiry to become conscious of her own emotional blocks, and then used tapping to release and replace with positive thoughts.

In addition to chronic pain, Liose’s work includes stress release, weight loss, addictions, life trauma and money manifestation. Tapping can be done anywhere and utilized in any moment, at work, at the doctor’s office or in bed to help combat insomnia.


Indy Acupuncture offers various treatments to help with chronic or acute pain such as tendonitis, arthritis Sundays Noon - 1 pm Engaging conversations and inspiring stories with today’s leading social change artists™. Riicharrd Brreendan All shows podcast on website. ...Brriingiinglloveettolliiffee!! communityspotlight natural awakenings June 2017 13 and inflammation from repetitive motion. “Acupuncture is just a vessel; the body heals itself,” says owner Erica Siegel.

Acupuncture works with the central nervous system to influence the brain to release neurotransmitters, endorphins and blood cells to heal damaged tissues and increase blood flow to the painful areas. This release of endorphins is why many patients feel a calming and relaxed sensation during treatment.

“Where there is pain, there is bound chi, meaning it is not free-flowing through the body,” says Siegel. Chi or qi is known as life force energy, and chi movement can be enhanced through methods like acupuncture, breath work, yoga, tai chi, Chinese herbs and releasing emotional blocks.

Siegel offers different styles of acupuncture to enhance chi flow, including the Balance Method, which treats pain without directly touching the place of pain since going straight to that area may aggravate it more. In Oriental medicine, each organ and body part is connected via the meridian channel where the chi energy flows, so unlocking blocks in one area will affect the whole.

This method can also help improve inflammatory and autoimmune issues resulting from the liver overacting in autoimmune responses when chi is not free-flowing.

For chronic pain, she recommends several treatments in the beginning to build momentum and steamroll the issue, then regular treatments for maintenance.

Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine

NeuroHealth Services of Indianapolis offers natural treatments for chronic pain and brain health concerns, with patient-specific solutions that offer an alternative to prescription drugs or surgery.

“We focus on finding the source and root cause of a patient’s condition or problem by looking at the entire brainbody connection,” explains Dr. Brad Ralston. Functional neurology includes careful assessment to determine which areas of a person’s nervous system are weak.

“The brain is in control of every cell, tissue, gland and organ within the human body,” Ralson adds. “If the brain is in a state of fatigue and decreased function, the areas of the body associated with that deficit will be dysfunctional, such as breathing, digestion or movement.”

Structural issues from injuries, poor posture and repetitive motion may lead to chronic back and neck pain. The center offers various methods such as spinal decompression to alleviate certain types of structural pain. Spinal decompression lessens the pressure of spinal column discs on spinal nerves.

For more information on Colette Liose, the TAPNGRL, call 717-872-6475 or visit

Indy Acupuncture has two locations at 6155 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, call 317-255-3030; and 111 E. 16th St., Ste. 103, Indianapolis, call 317-423-9999. Visit for more information.

NeuroHealth Services is located at 9302 N. Meridian St., Ste. 299. For more information, call 317-848-6000 or visit

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