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Letter from Publisher: Empowered Progress

As we enjoy the much-anticipated heart of summer this month, I’ve been wondering about the phenomenon of “Christmas in July”, when Christmas-themed events are held midway through the calendar year. I discovered it started because Christmas occurs during our summer months in the southern hemisphere, and to experience Christmas during the peak of their winter season, they start hosting festive holiday events throughout July.

Then I thought about how the sensory overload of holiday celebrations are typically followed by a period of lifestyle-changing resolutions, often including weight loss, exercise and self-improvement programs. It’s a good time to re-group, focus on healthy habits and break a detoxifying sweat. Speaking of which, you can join other runners this year for the first annual Christmas in July Half Marathon and 5K, a festive run through the streets of downtown Indy on July 15.

How serendipitous that this issue carries an informative and timely feature article focused on long-term lifestyle changes, “Natural Ways to Cleanse Body & Mind: Take Toxins Out of Your Life.” Writer Meredith Montgomery walks us through our choice of doable ways to help us clean up our physical and psychological closets. “Reboot this Summer with Local Detox Plans,” by Allie McFee, offers additional ideas and options closer to home.

I’ve had the most success with detox programs that focus on nutritionally sound choices combined with exercise and mindfulness practices. When embarking on a cleansing program, my goal is to weave together healing foods, workouts and mindsets that heal and reenergize body and mind. We can often establish longer-term lifestyle changes through simple updates and improvements to our everyday habits.

Recently I sustained an ankle injury that precluded my usual rotation of aerobic, strength and yoga exercises. So I switched to a yoga-only practice for awhile, and the timing has been perfect for both my physical well-being and emotional state. It’s been a full-throttle kind of summer so far, filled with family, work and projects calling for my complete attention and unwavering energy. I’d forgotten how many stress-reduction techniques that yoga weaves into each session such as deep breathing, meditation and self-massage; all while lifting our heart center upwards.

Each day offers us fresh opportunities to progress and recognize that any moment may present an opportunity to change our trajectory to something more positive and health affirming. While realizing perfect balance in life and daily choices doesn’t always happen, we can keep working at it. As with a yoga practice, sometimes we may wobble or even face plant, but over time and with consistent effort, we gradually become stronger, more balanced, flexible and empowered. Sounds good to me; Namaste and please pass the ghee.

Wishing you a heart-lifting month,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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