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Routes for Overcoming Cancer: A Blend of Holistic and Medical Methods

Aug 01, 2017 04:30PM ● By Allie McFee

“Cancer is a wakeup call, not a death sentence,” says local two-time breast cancer survivor and author Maria Celeste Provenzano Cook. “It asks your body to make the changes that are necessary to put your body back into balance.”

Published in May, Cook’s new book What I Did to Heal Through Cancer, Chemotherapy and Radiation, shares tools for bringing the body into balance through both holistic and medical methods.

Cook’s journey of overcoming breast cancer put her on a mission to share a plethora of resources with her community through her book and spiritual counseling. From her first recovery 15 years ago with a double mastectomy and using no radiation or chemotherapy to her recent rapid recovery from a blend of support tools, Cook’s intention is to inspire cancer patients to love and nurture themselves while receiving the medical support they need to make empowered decisions.

“I truly believe our purpose in life is to serve, whether it’s a family, community or business, and if we can’t serve ourselves, we can’t serve others,” says Cook. “Cancer’s message is to love ourselves more, to forgive and honor ourselves. Only then can we be there to fully take care of others.”

Cancer-Fighting Supplements

Cook believes one of the most helpful supplements for her recovery was using pharmaceutical grade-CBD oil, which is completely free of THC and legal to use in all 50 states.

Natural cannabinoids in the oil activate the cannabinoids in the brain to trigger the CB1 and CB2 receptors that stimulate the immune system. “These receptors go after anything that is abnormal in the system and so they surrounded my tumor, cut off its blood supply and caused shrinkage.”

The oil she uses from Green Road Wellness which she also distributes is medically tested as 99 percent CBD oil and is in a base of vegetable glycerin, which allows quick delivery into the body. She recommends using a pharmaceutical grade-oil for strong potency.

In addition, CBD oil has been shown in research as helpful for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, as well as diabetes, arthritis and migraines.

Cook also recommends other immune-boosting supplements like the superfood graviola, also known as soursop, found in a powder or in a whole fruit form.

Medical Support Tips

Work with a Nurse Navigator

Cook utilized the support of a Nurse Navigator, registered nurses provided by hospitals to assist patients with interpreting healthcare information to make informed decisions for treatment. Because doctors have full schedules, the Nurse Navigator is a resource to spend extra time with the patient to answer questions, interpret the doctor and setting up and managing appointments.

Stay Updated on Exams

After 15 years of being tumor-free, Cook admits she let the overwhelm of life take over, causing her to lose focus on regular self-care practices including the check-up exams with her oncologist.

When she finally went to the doctor, they found a lump because one of her silicone breast implants had been leaking. Cook had silicone implants put in after her mastectomy, and it is suggested to have an X-ray done every two years with these implants.

Choose Saline over Silicone if Choosing Implants

Silicone is a more popular choice because they feel and look more natural; however, it has a tendency to leak especially as they get older. Cook questions whether or not her cancer returned from silicone exposure because the doctors never tested the tumor for silicone, only for abnormal cells.

Positive Affirmations for Empowerment

“Affirmations spoken will help you manifest positive changes in your realities,” says Cook. “Your brain is your strongest muscle so use your brain to strengthen your body for as you think so your body become.”

Taped on her mirror for reminder, Cook affirmed: “I claim feelingly and lovingly that the healing presence and infinite intelligence within me is vitalizing, healing and restoring my whole being into harmony, health, peace and happiness.”

Cook recommends to pair affirmations with visualization, by affirming the positive truths while visualizing the body becoming healthy and disease leaving the system.

Dietary and Lifestyle Support

“My biggest tip? Cut back on sugar!”

Cook strongly advises eating a low-sugar diet, as well as eating organic foods and anti-inflammatory foods. Lesser known foods she recommends are pawpaw fruit and goyas, a bitter melon that is said to have been used in Madagascar to shrink tumors.

In addition to diet, Cook suggests a minimum of 20 to 25 minutes of daily exercise, including cardio. “Keeping the body oxygenated equals a healthy body,” says Cook, as she is a certified Beach Body Coach and dedicated to the company’s at-home DVD workouts.

Aromatherapy, Crystals and Far Infrared Light

She suggests using essential oils like frankincense for its anti-inflammatory properties and lavender for its calming effect. Oils can be applied topically in areas where there are many nerves, such as the bottom and top of feet.

As she is a Crystal Resonance Therapist and the owner Gems by Celestial Dancer, a local center that travels to gem and mineral shows, Cook shares a list of 19 crystals for repairing DNA in her book.

For example, amethyst crystal is said to help with recovery and bringing the system into balance, and it’s inside the Biomat device Cook uses and offers for treatments. The Biomat is an FDA-licensed medical device that emits far infrared light—a region in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation—and negative ions for restoration.

Cook is an author, psychic medium and spiritual counselor, owner and founder of Gems by Celestial Dancer, reiki master and teacher, successful living coach, Crystal Resonance Therapist and Beach Body Coach. For more information on her and her book, call 888-518-0240 or visit Her book is available on

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