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Letter from Publisher: Our Best Selves

This summer’s been filled with significant events on several fronts that have shifted my perspective. Through it all, our family has focused on magnifying the good and learning from unexpected experiences born out of changing circumstances—in health, family, work and happenings on the U.S. and world stages.

I love how this month’s leading theme of Aging Gracefully prompts us to revisit expectations for ourselves going forward and how we affect others we meet along our journey. It’s a telling reminder to live as an example of kindness, love, strength and inspiration at every stage of life, for we are creating our legacy daily. The decisions we make to be and do our personal best and strive to make a good difference count.

Our effectiveness, however large or modest, starts with conscientiously nourishing our own mind, body and spirit so that we can nourish and bless others. As I shared last month, I recently shifted my workout routines to a yogacentric practice and am happy to report that it has gifted me with a new level of peace, balance and strength. I’ve discovered helpful guidance in navigating life’s shifting sands and high winds: Always lift your heart center up.

One of my good friends, Luis Mendez, who publishes Natural Awakenings Puerto Rico, in collaboration with his wife, Waleska Sallaberry, shared the inspiring photo that will grace their September cover in honor of National Yoga Month. When I remarked how strong and beautiful they are, inside and out, Luis responded, “We are aging gracefully, thanks to yoga.” It rings true because I see Luis and Waleska as a force of nature, publishing one of the largest editions in our NAPC family, in both English and Spanish. (To read a Spanish version, visit, one of several Spanish editions in our nationwide network.)

After 15 years of publishing and creating wellness initiatives in their island nation, this couple continues to fulfill their passion for service and desire to uplift their community. Both are certified advanced yoga teachers and make time each year to detox, recharge and reconnect. They live in a small town on the island with their three children, where they are blessed to be growing up in an eco-minded, healthconscious community, so “Life is good!” Another Luis and Waleska motto is, “Work hard, play harder.”

People like these populate the Natural Awakenings world, regularly reminding me that we are filled with what we focus on, and how focusing on what expands and makes us shine brighter is an effective way to share love and light everywhere we go.

Shine on,

Teona Signature

Teona Wright, Publisher

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