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Letter from Publisher: Goodness Reigns

As we enter this traditional season of gratitude for all that nurtures us and gives meaning to life, the mind-body-spirit connection is in high gear amidst family gatherings and community events. We come together to celebrate, share good things and give of ourselves. For many, including myself, it’s a favorite time of the year.

Yet I find myself entering this season with both anticipation for the good, and a sense of trepidation for those dealing with tragedy, loss and uncertainty—both man–made and natural. A conscious shift to focus on gratitude and empowering thoughts help uplift and tip my psyche to hopeful optimism. Complaints are near non-existent among Floridians coping with Hurricane Irma’s aftermath. Puerto Ricans are demonstrating uncanny patience during a month-plus almost completely without power following Hurricane Maria.

Our Puerto Rico edition publishers, Luis Mendez and Waleska Sallaberry, while seeing to their family’s personal recovery, are working more broadly toward restoration of their local health and wellness community. Learn more in the “Beyond Maria: Coming Together to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico” news brief on the GoFundMe account created to support their efforts.

Also close to our hearts, members of our family attending the fatal Las Vegas festival shooting escaped physical harm, for which we give thanks. They are now on a path to recover their innate sense of security and joy.

Through it all, I’ve seen individuals impacted by life-changing events handle themselves with grace and gratitude. As Sallaberry said just after the storm, “I know there is a bigger plan I cannot yet see. In the midst of all this chaos, some way, somehow there is peace in our hearts and the certainty that everything will be okay!”

Despite the wave of scarily mesmerizing news coverage, we could and do see loving compassionate acts rise above it all, demonstrating the “kind” in humankind.

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me: Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. ~ Fred Rogers

We see hundreds of helpers along the way in times of need, immediately and in the aftermath, both locally and from other states. We too become helpers through our prayers, contributions and decision to make a difference. Action changes things.

Louise Hay, who recently passed, gifted us with an encouraging legacy. As a founder of the self-help movement, she taught how to affirm the good hidden in difficulty. It’s grounded in the uplifting thoughts, words, emotions and actions we consciously choose to express. Sensing a bigger plan of peace and hope and motivated by a passion to serve can change the life outcome we experience.

Our Inspiration feature by Marlaina Donato, “Sharable Thanksgiving, Ways to Focus on What Really Matters,” gives us inspiration and ideas to fully experience this season of appreciation for what sustains us and gives meaning to life. May your month be filled with opportunities to make a difference and share an abundance of thanks giving.

It is good,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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