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Faith Right Now : Stories of Spiritual Connection

Local author Wendell Fowler recently published Faith Right Now, an inspirational, thought-provoking book that explores deeper truths and spiritual aspects of faith and universal oneness from the author’s perspective.

Fowler, author of the series Eat Right Now, local food chef and on-air WISHTV personality, takes the concept he teaches of “feeding the body temple” to a whole new level where spirituality is the focused source of nourishment.

His personal journey as a grandchild of two Evangelical ministers has influenced his own spiritual path to seek a broader understanding. As a columnist writer for Senior Life, he has interviewed Christians, Jews, Quakers, atheists and others to come to understand many viewpoints of spiritual connection. These interviews were major influencers in writing this book. “We need more peace and understanding and less judgment,” says Fowler.

The book includes an uplifting collection of short essays, bounded by holy scripture quotes from ancient and contemporary spiritual teachers of loving kindness, compassion, harmony, oneness, tolerance and non-violence. Each essay is seasoned with childhood memories and church influences, miracles, angel visitations, and subsequent, broader pursuits for universal truths.

He hopes readers will receive “a broader, less prejudiced view of the world’s major religions and, that in an age of divisiveness, hate and fear, we are more alike than different.”

For more information on Wendell Fowler and Faith Right Now, visit

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