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Organic Mattress and Bedding Store Opens in Indy

The Clean Bedroom, a New York City-based independent retailer specializing in organic bedding and mattresses, recently expanded into the Indianapolis market. The showroom and retail store are located at 1760 East 86th Street in Indianapolis. They also have storefront locations in New York City and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Founded in 2004, The Clean Bedroom is now the premier online resource for organic bedding products and resources to support consumers looking to create a more sustainable, green bedroom. Additional product offerings to support a healthy home and lifestyle include organic and all-natural pet beds, HEPA air purifiers and gift selections.

There’s growing concern about the increase in allergies and harmful short- and long-term effects of chemicals, toxins and pesticides found in traditional home bedding and mattresses. Therefore, people are looking for more natural, healthier and safer alternatives like organics.

The company’s selections include organic mattresses of materials only found in nature. As such, no toxic materials, like petrochemicals, oil and toxins that may release vapors into the air or leach byproducts, can be absorbed through the skin. For those seeking a more eco- and allergy-friendly choice for the home, these offerings could be the answer.

For more information, call 317-548-1818 or visit

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