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Local Organization Tackles Food Insecurity with Innovation

Insecurity with Innovation Fishers-based Aggressively Organic is on the verge of revolutionizing the way produce is grown with its Micro Growth Chamber. The hydroponic method, growing plants in water without soil, is the foundation for the organization’s new approach to growing lettuce in a simple cardboard “box” with only 16 ounces of water. Each Micro Growth Chamber is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and offers plants with taste that will rival any store-bought lettuce.

Aggressively Organic founder and CEO Jonathan Partlow anticipates the growth and popularity of the Micro Growth Chamber and the company’s other innovations as opening the door to endless business opportunities. Costing around $20, Micro Growth Chamber can grow up to nine plants in a single square foot of space with no special lighting or temperature control needed.

Plants grow 365 days per year in hexagon-shaped corrugated cardboard compartments and only need watering every 30 to 60 days. The chambers, which are manufactured in Indianapolis, come with 11 seed options—including five types of lettuce including some specialty varieties that are not commercially grown—or the consumer may grow his own. Unlike store-bought lettuces that are shipped long distances, plants grown in the Micro Growth Chamber are more nutrient-dense offering truer flavor.

The startup has sold an estimated 10,000 units thus far and anticipates that number to rise as home growers, schools and small commercial operations discover its benefits. According to the organization’s website, Aggressively Organic’s mission is to end food insecurity in our lifetime through the design, development and delivery of “weapons of mass creation in the form of sustainable, accessible and easy-touse agricultural systems that can be used by anyone, anytime regardless of space or experience.”

Customers may sign up for email notification about Micro Chamber’s open order dates through the Aggressively Organic website.

For more information about Aggressively Organic, visit

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