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Many Facets of the Hoosier Environmental Council: Organization Also Includes Many Partners

Apr 10, 2018 04:20PM ● By Jenn Willhite

While the Hoosier state is making local and regional waves in the environmental movement, the work needed is far from finished.

For more than 30 years, the Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC) has been the voice of Hoosiers that are concerned about the environment and has worked on behalf of that collective.

As the state’s leading educator for environmental issues, the HEC has made significant strides, yet readily admits there is still plenty of work to do as Indiana ranks 49th on Forbes magazine’s list of greenest states.

The mission of the HEC is very simple: To use education and advocacy to make Indiana a better place to live, work, play and breathe. The organization, with the support of its more than two dozen partners and financial supporters, fosters constructive conversations via open discussion about the environmental well-being of Indiana and its residents.

As the voice of Indiana residents for the environment, the HEC believes in Many Facets of the Hoosier Environmental Council Organization Also Includes Many Partners by Jenn Willhite creating collaboration through dialogue and partnerships with area businesses and organizations that share its mission and values. Yet that doesn’t mean that the HEC shies away from touchy topics or areas of controversy.

The organization regularly monitors and works to find sound, green resolutions to Indiana’s environmental issues. From advocacy for forestry protections and clean energy solutions, sustainable agriculture and watershed restoration to wildlife conservation and green communities, the HEC monitors the issues and works to help bring Hoosier concerns to the forefront to find sustainable solutions.

In its effort to be inclusive of all Hoosiers, the HEC works tirelessly in its outreach to help make the state better and healthier for future generations. For instance, HEC works consistently to protect Hoosiers from the by-products of harmful environmental practices, maintains an active presence at the Indiana Statehouse and provides empowering trainings and workshops to help Hoosiers gain a greater, positive impact.

In 2017, the organization scored major victories in its efforts to further environmental awareness and preservation in the state. Among the year’s highlights:

  • Defeated a proposed law that would have concealed critical information from communities threatened by factory farms.
  • Won new protections for families at risk from toxic lead contamination.
  • Helped secure significant new funds for maintenance of state parks.
  • Secured a historic level of victories for families harmed by factory farm pollution ensuring that they will have their day in court despite Indiana’s unjust Right to Farm laws.

To help foster its efforts for individual participation, the HEC regularly offers events throughout Indiana to promote personal involvement, like advocacy training workshops, conferences and panel discussions. The HEC regularly participates in the promotion and offering of events at area businesses and festivals, like the annual Indy Veg- Fest and downtown’s Earth Day Indiana event at White River State Park, to build environmental awareness.

The HEC is able to pursue its green works with the help and support of area businesses and organizations, that are also working to do the right thing for Hoosiers and the environment. With partners and financial supporters based throughout the state, here are just a few:

Water Furnace

Indiana’s premier geothermal furnace dealer, Water Furnace promotes HEC’s values and mission through its ecofriendly home heating and cooling solution. A geothermal unit is composed of a three-part system that utilizes the consistency of underground temperatures nearly six feet below the Earth’s surface to offer a year-round affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly home heating and cooling solution.

Classic Cleaners

Since 1985, Classic Cleaners has offered Indianapolis-area residents the best in eco-friendly dry cleaning services. Beginning in 2012, in addition to using the safest products available since the 1980s, Classic Cleaners converted to using new eco-friendly machines and 100 percent harmless and odorless cleaning solution. With locations throughout the Indianapolis area, the business is a proud financial supporter of the HEC.

Julia Spangler

As a sustainable events consultant, Spangler incorporates her love of events and passion for the environment into planning events that help preserve our planet’s resources and delivering great guest experiences. She provides sustainability guidance and initiatives in planning green corporate and nonprofit events, gatherings and wedding parties in Indianapolis and Central Indiana.

Natural Awakenings Indy

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