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Local Green Landscape Business Welcomes New Owners

Michael Painton & Joey Fleenor

Indianapolis’ Greenscape Geeks transitioned to new owners earlier this year. Michael Painton and Joey Fleenor took over the business from the original owners—Lanette and Nick Abbott— who relocated to Pennsylvania. As the Abbotts continue their eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle work, they are excited for the future of Greenscape Geeks.

“We are a native and organic landscape design and maintenance company,” Painton says. “We only use native plants and organic processes in our lawn care services. All of this helps protect the local ecosystem and environment.”

In keeping with tradition, the business will continue to offer the best in organic, eco-friendly lawn care. Painton says he and Fleenor are interested in the scientific processes of landscapes that are safe for humans and animals alike.

They’re launching the availability of compost tea which Painton describes as an organic alternative to traditional fertilizer. “We are making it in-house this year and it’s our first time doing it,” he says. Made with compost and microorganisms, with worm casings added, the tea is housed in barrels and stored for a few days prior to being packaged for application.

The tea is applied four times per year, which makes it a more affordable option, Painton says. Once it soaks into the soil, it fills the earth with nutrients and microorganisms that help invigorate the soil. Applications are done in April, May, September and October. Customers who book all four treatments will receive a 20 percent discount. Those who opt for two of the four applications will receive a 10 percent discount.

For more information about Greenscape Geeks and their compost tea, call 317-801- 5833 or visit

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