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Green Up Your Beauty Routine

Jun 03, 2018 01:33PM ● By Jenn Willhite

Getting back to basics with one’s beauty routine can pay great dividends over the short and long term.

Nixing pesky chemicals from beauty and self-care routines can seem daunting, especially with so many acronyms and hard-to-pronounce ingredient names on product labels. Yet, trading harmful ingredients for nature’s best is easier when you do your homework and go directly to the source.

Bea White, an independent consultant with Pure Haven, says her company offers 100 percent toxin-free alternatives for any and every product you use on a daily basis.

The reason one should switch from artificial to organic, natural products is quite simple, she says. “Pay now or pay later," White says. “You are worth paying more for your products today because it’s going to cost you more if you are using toxic products now as you are going to spend a lot more on your health care later.”

In trying to figure out how toxic some items may be, White recommends checking out the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database at “They can enter the product name and get info on its toxicity,” the Indianapolis resident says. “It is completely independent.”

The database has information about 70,000-plus products that are searchable via brand or product name. Product information is ranked from one to 10 based on hazard level.

For instance, parabens are a pervasive ingredient included in beauty products as a preservative according to a report on Although intended to simply slow the growth of bacteria and mold as the product ages, parabens mimic organic cellular activity and are associated with increased risk of cancer.

Another common harmful ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Found in nearly all personal care products, including many shampoos and body washes, SLS can contribute to respiratory and kidney issues as it’s absorbed into the body (

To make the switch and researching natural/organic local products, there are some online and local resources to get you started:

Goddess Mountain Naturals

Mary Baker, owner of Goddess Mountain Naturals, offers Marvelous Mend, a handcrafted salve designed to help heal bruises faster and aid in the restoration of wounds, cuts and scrapes, among other benefits to body and skin. The salve contains the mending herbs calendula and plantain infused into carrier oils (coconut and olive), as well as essential oils, locally sourced Indiana beeswax and vitamin E. Goddess Mountain Naturals products are available through Baker’s online store, and locally at The Good Earth, in Broad Ripple.

For more information, call 317-263-4660 or visit

Pure Haven

Established to help educate consumers about the health risks associated with harmful ingredients in typical products, Pure Haven offers 100-plus, toxin-free products for beauty, wellness, home and pet care, as well as cleaning products. Customers can order directly and obtain advice from Pure Haven independent consultants for a personal experience or order from the company online.

For more information or to place an order with Bea White, call 317-697-1025 or visit


Established in 2008 by Tracy Land as a way of offering safer, natural skin care products to people that were concerned about what they were applying to their skin, all Frangipani products are plant based. No man-made chemicals or synthetics are used. Ingredients include steam-distilled essential oils, cold-pressed carrier oils and certified organic or locally sourced ingredients. The brand is available online and at natural food stores throughout the region.

For more information, call 317-782-5009 or visit

There are several brick-and-mortar alternatives in the area if you prefer to examine a product prior to purchasing and compare options in person. Another benefit of visiting local retailers is the offering of products intended to help support natural beauty and self-care. We all know the adage: garbage in, garbage out. The same holds true when caring for the body. When caring for the outside, it’s important to be mindful of what’s going inside as well.

The following retailers in our area help customers reap the benefits of a holistic skincare and beauty regimen by offering supplemental items, like natural and organic grocery and supplements.

The Good Earth

The Good Earth Natural Food Company offers a diverse range of bath, dental, health, hair and beauty products, including local brands such as Frangipani and familiar ones Thayer’s, Aubrey Organics and Armoire. Customers may also shop The Good Earth online.

Location: 6350 Guildford Ave., Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-253-3709 or visit

Georgetown Market

Since 1973, Indy’s Georgetown Market has offered area residents healthy food and self-care alternatives. The family-owned and operated store offers customers everything from produce, grocery and supplements to beauty, health and home care goods. In addition to shopping in-store, customers can check out the Georgetown Market’s blog for educational information and recipes.

Location: 4375 Georgetown Rd., Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-293-9525 or visit

Nature’s Market

Nature’s Market, recently relocated to 86th & Ditch, and offers everything from beauty and skincare products to supplements crafted from nature’s bounty to help boost your beauty routine. Among the personal care brands offered are Borland of Germany, Michelle, Aura Acacia and Aubrey Organics.

Location: 1470 W. 86th St., Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-876-3131 or visit

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