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Letter from Publisher: Start Slow to Go Fast

Dear Awaken Indy Readers, As I made my notes preparing to write this letter, I drew some parallels between April’s themes of Earth Day, Sustainable Living and my own personal “theme” of late.

I completed my publisher training at NAPC headquarters in Naples, Florida during the first week of March. I’m incredibly grateful for the time I spent with our inspiring NAPC staff because I learned about the best practices of successful publishers and developed a clearer vision for the growth of Natural Awakenings Indy. It was a wonderful feeling, but upon arriving home after training, I faced long to-do lists— learning new processes and systems, setting goals, improving my time management and acknowledging that “I don’t know what I don’t know.” For me, reading that previous sentence is a bit exhausting and overwhelming. So, this month, I have done my best to internalize my husband’s advice: “Start slow to go fast.”

As you read April’s issue, I invite you to keep his advice in mind. Sustainability is critical for the future of all life forms on Planet Earth. We don’t have time to become overwhelmed by all the problems and then end up doing nothing. If it feels like too much, slow down and keep going. Choose one thing to focus on. If you want to begin shopping with reusable bags but keep forgetting them, put them in the front seat of your car until it becomes a habit. That’s what worked for me many years ago. Now the habit is automatic. I feel like something is “off” if I don’t have my bags. Give yourself the gift of grace; with it, the chances of remembering those reusable bags increase. Probably more quickly, too.

I invite you to check out Jenn Willhite’s article, “Zero Waste Initiatives Taking Root Around Indy” for area initiatives and ideas on how to make a positive impact on our resources and environment. Our Business Spotlight highlights Greenscape Geeks’ mission to provide eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for urban agriculture projects. And it wouldn’t be April without our “Earth Day Events” feature. I look forward to seeing you at the Earth Day Indiana Festival on April 20.

Thank you,


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