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Indy’s Greenscape Geeks: Launch New Urban Farming Projects

Urban agriculture is reshaping the way Americans view their food and the benefits of growing one’s own. With this renewed interest in food independence, there are tremendous opportunities for increasing the environmental, social and economic benefits with urban farming.

Indianapolis’ Greenscape Geeks, LLC, is helping area residents and businesses establish the groundwork for food independence by offering urban agriculture consultations and installation in addition to their existing services.

With increased awareness of the negative impact current commercial food production and agriculture have on the environment, eco-minded individuals and businesses are seeking new opportunities for sustainable food production. The Geeks say that their new green projects pose great opportunities for individuals and commercial entities that are learning to grow their own food and turn it into a business opportunity.

With eco-friendly approaches in mind, Greenscape Geeks has prepared during the winter to make sure they are on track to help support Indianapolis’ new focus on sustainability.

Urban agriculture, also known as urban farming, has been on the rise over the past several years. As food prices rise and people become more concerned about agricultural herbicides and pesticides, the trend for personal and community food gardens is growing.

Greenscape Geeks can assess properties to determine the best placement for gardens, clear the area, amend the soil, plant crops, and are available for all of their clients throughout the entire growing season to make sure food is healthy and free of pests. The Geeks also offer all-organic hydroseeding, which is a chemical-free slurry made from mulch, recycled paper and the Geeks’ own handmade organic fertilizer.

Those seeking to incorporate composting in their zero waste efforts can recruit the Geeks’ help in constructing and establishing handcrafted raised beds for gardens and composting containers. Additional services offered by the Geeks that can help support sustainability efforts include soil aeration, mulching and soil tests.

“As business owners, Michael and I take a great amount of pride in knowing that we are actively doing something that has a positive impact on the environment and the local community,” says Joey Fleenor, co-owner. “Rarely in life do we get the opportunity to really make a difference in our world and help others.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, city and suburban agriculture can take many forms, from balcony gardening to community gardening in vacant lots and parks. They offer key resources regarding soil and water quality and testing, land assessment tools, and advice for business planning and capital and financing options for smalland large-scale farms.

Currently, half of the land in the U.S. is used for some type of agriculture. Currently, more than a third of all the food produced by these farms goes to waste with an annual global loss of around $1 trillion. Urban farming not only helps with the minimization of deforestation and climate change, but the produce is typically healthier and less goes to waste.

“Urban agriculture allows people to take back a bit more independence and peace of mind by knowing exactly what is going into their bodies, while reducing waste,” says Fleenor. “Not only do urban farms give people the chance to grow their own food but they can make money by selling it to others. We want to support the local community by educating them to support themselves.”

Greenscape Geeks’ defines its mission as taking pride in providing sustainable solutions “to help homeowners and commercial entities rebuild native plant and wildlife populations, conserve valuable resources, and emphasize natural beauty.”

For more information about Greenscape Geeks, LLC, call 317-801-5833 or visit For more information about urban gardening, visit

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