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Take Time for You: Self-Care for Better Health and Well-Being

May 03, 2019 08:35AM ● By Jenn Willhite

Spring has sprung and therefore, there’s no better time to establish a routine of regular self-care to blossom a new you.

“When we make time for those things, it enhances our ability, especially for women, to be our best at work, as a mother, spouse and partner,” says Dr. Uvi Vyas, of the Carmel Wellness Center.

Vyas says the importance of regular self-care shouldn’t be underestimated. Between meeting family, work and social obligations, it can be easy to put our own self-care on the back burner. However, neglecting to take time out for self-care can throw our inner balance off and that is when problems arise, Vyas says. The key is to be proactive instead of reactive.

“Stress can manifest in a number of ways,” Vyas says. “If you put yourself first, love yourself and take time to regularly check in with yourself, you will prevent a lot of health issues and feel better overall.”

Self-care can translate a number of ways, from simply taking a few minutes to breathe deep and simply be mindful, to getting a massage, taking a yoga class or being more intentional about eating healthy.

Here are a few tips for reestablishing inner balance and nurturing a responsive attitude toward everyday stress, instead of being anxious and reactionary, in order to build better overall health.

Just Breathe

Taking a couple of minutes throughout the day to breathe deep and be mindful of the present moment can do wonders to help tackle stress and its ill effects. Neglecting self-care is often rooted in an absence of self-awareness, so when we take time to be aware of how we feel physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, we are better equipped to know when something is amiss. Take a few minutes to check in with yourself, run a quick mental scan of the body and identify and focus the breath on areas that are in need of relaxation.

Clear Your Energy

Sometimes the boost we need lies in clearing out old energies to make room for new ones. Detoxing negative influences from our lives helps, as well as dropping old baggage and all that no longer serves us out on the proverbial curb. If you are feeling blocked or bogged down, seek out energetic cleansing with area practitioners who are able to help you regain inner balance, such as Morter Health Center and Laura Rain’s Soul Evolve.


Meditation doesn’t require that we shun our obligations and sit in quiet contemplation for however long it takes to achieve inner calm. Simply taking a few minutes out of each day to meditate can help us to gather scattered energy and regain a sense of balance. Recent studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have shown that there’s moderate evidence that regular meditation, even just five minutes each day, is enough to help improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.


The benefits of exercise are well-known; however, spending hours at the gym isn’t always necessarily feasible or practical. If you’re one that doesn’t dig the gym atmosphere, block off time in your schedule for a walk, register for a yoga class or go biking.

Scents Make a Difference

Used for centuries as a primary tool for promoting overall health, essential oils don’t just smell nice; they’re also a safe, cost-effective and natural means for achieving and maintaining overall wellness. “There are many varieties of essential oils and each has a different function, such as peppermint for digestion or lavender for relaxation,” says Suzanne Huntzinger, with Stillpoint Family Chiropractic. “Essential oils may be applied topically and used with a diffuser for aromatherapy.” As there are different methods for use and delivery of the oil, it’s important to contact a practitioner that specializes in the use of essential oils.

Take Time to Eat Healthy

The importance of nutrition as a foundational pillar to overall health and well-being can’t be understated. Meredith Iacocca, owner of Abundant Plate Wellness, says taking care of yourself nutritionally sets you up for success in other areas of life. “Start with the basics of having the foods you know you need in the pantry or fridge,” she says. “A lot of women don’t want to give themselves the props they deserve to take care of themselves and almost feel selfish in taking that time or doing those things. Don’t be afraid to have that one thing for you and don’t feel selfish about it.”

Local Ressources

Abundant Plate Wellness. Location: 6077 West Jamison Dr., McCordsville. For more information, call 317-797-9906 or visit

Carmel Wellness Center. Location: 2776 E. 146th St., Carmel. For more information, call 317-587-1900 or visit

Laura Rain’s Soul Evolve. Location: 6220 N. College Ave., Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-758-9844 or visit

Morter Health Center. Location: 10439 Commerce Dr., Ste. 140, Carmel. For more information, call 317-872-9300 or visit

Stillpoint Family Chiropractic. Location: 9780 Lantern Rd., Ste. 230, Fishers. For more information, call 317-863-0365 or visit

For more information on holistic health practitioners and services in the Indianapolis area, visit

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