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New ‘All-Salt’ Spa Offers Halotherapy and Flotation therapy

Zionsville couple Shauna and Darren Hale are the owners of newly opened Salt For Your Soul, near the bustling intersection of 96th Street and Michigan Road, in Indianapolis. Offering a quiet reprieve from the hustle of daily life, it provides several services including a salt cabin (halotherapy) and a flotation tank.

The salt cabin offers benefits for both skin and lung conditions while the flotation tank allows for experiencing the calming, meditative environment of sensory deprivation. The owners say it’s the first “all-salt” spa in Indy, referencing its salt cabin and Epsom salt flotation tank in one location. Shauna says, “I want everyone to feel welcome in this space. I think of this place as a spa with a soul. I’ve put my heart and soul into Salt For Your Soul and I want it to feel like home.”

The concept of halotherapy and flotation therapy might be foreign to some, but the relaxing atmosphere provided is easily understood when experiencing them. Halotherapy uses pure, pharmaceutical-grade salt heated and crushed in a halogenerator. The micro-sized particles are then dispersed into the air, saturating the respiratory system, to remove mucus build up, helping to open and expand constricted airways and allowing for easier and clearer breathing, and eliminate bacteria and toxins. They’ll soon offer halotherapy and the same benefits for dogs and cats in a separate, specially designed salt cabin.

Flotation pods are designed to create a space that’s ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body. Research shows that the effects of a two-hour float session is equivalent to eight hours of deep sleep, making it one of the most efficient and comprehensive relaxation techniques available. Benefits include pain management, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased clarity and creativity.

Further, for every salt session purchased, a donation is made to Prevail, Inc., a Noblesville-based organization that provides crisis intervention and restorative support services for adult, adolescent and child survivors of crime and abuse.

Location: 3802 W. 96th St. For more information, call 317-876-7258 or visit
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