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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

Donna Kirk

Dear NA Indy Readers,

Welcome to January 2020: the new year and new decade bring infinite opportunities in our pursuit of healthy living!

This is the time of year that many individuals set New Year’s resolutions, but many years ago I stopped. The energy behind them typically fell away after a few weeks; after years of built-up excitement and the subsequent let-down, resolutions became obsolete to me. But what I do focus on at the dawn of the new year is this question: What do I want to create in the coming year? And are my values aligned with that creation? In other words, is the way I spend my time and energy going to hinder or assist in the creation of what I want? These questions are often quite difficult to answer truthfully. But, a life lived authentically is always worth the work involved.

Personally I’ve had more than my share of health issues, and I’m making the commitment in 2020 to align my actions with my values. Obviously, I value my health, but some actions I take are out of convenience or circumstance instead of alignment with my values. Energy is energy is energy. The way we do our everyday personal life is the way we manage our business, and our health. Where do stronger boundaries need to be placed? Where are the boundaries too wobbly? Laura Baker’s article, “Bring Back Wellbeing Through Energy Medicine” discusses how energy work can help with imbalances in our energy field that translate into imbalances in our lives.

This month, the eternal quest for the fountain of youth leads us to examine the factors that contribute not only to living long, but living well. Writer Melinda Hemmelgarn’s January feature looks at the role of genes, environment and lifestyle factors; she offers age-defying strategies—from diet, exercise and sleep, to protecting our telomeres and adjusting our attitudes. Wendell Fowler gives us his take on aging and a plant-based diet in “Many Paths to Feel and Look Younger.”

The foundation for vibrant health is a healthy immune system and writer Julie Peterson focuses on the nutritional factors that go into building one in “Gut Check: Feeding the Immune System.”

There’s plenty more to love about our January issue. Here’s to a prosperous, productive and very healthy New Year!

Donna Kirk, Publisher
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