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Bring Back Wellbeing Through Energy Medicine

by Laura Baker

Our energy field can become sluggish or disrupted by many factors throughout our life, including illness, surgery, food, toxins, trauma, and stress. Energy therapy works to balance the energetic fields in and around the body.

Energy medicine is the study of the subtle energy surrounding the physical body and the science of therapeutic modalities to bring balance into this field of energy (Ross, 2019). There are various healing modalities, including acupuncture, yoga, energetic touch, reiki, sound healing, massage, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, kinesiology, acupressure, reflexology, Qigong, Tai Chi, and homeopathy.

There are several benefits to balancing the body’s energy field, including healing dis-ease, restoring balance into one’s life, and an improved overall sense of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Energy therapy can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine practices, as well as on its own. It is always recommended to talk to a physician if you have any medical concerns prior to scheduling an energetic therapy healing session.

Interested in booking a session?

Thankfully, there are many energy medicine practitioners in and around the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Here are a few items to take into consideration before making your first appointment:

Before scheduling an appointment, determine the goal for the session. What do you hope to accomplish by seeing a practitioner?

Secondly, determine what type of healing modality best serves your goal. An acupuncture session will be a different experience than a reiki session; and both will be very different than a yoga session. What modality best serves your intention for the session?

Finally, look for practitioners near you. Google and Yelp are great places to start, as well as, recommendations from family and friends.

Laura Baker is an intuitive energy healer and reiki master in the Indianapolis area. Connect with her at


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